America's Next Top Model Tyra Banks

Short Models Stampede At Tyra Banks’ Top Model Casting In New York


Three people were arrested and six others were injured on Saturday after a riot ensued outside of the Park Central New York hotel where auditions for the 13th season of Tyra Banks’ hit reality show America’s Next Top Model were being held.

Women no taller than 5-foot-7 turned out in droves for a chance to be a contestant on the special season of Top Model dedicated to short ladies.

Sky News reports a car spewing smoke pulled up to the line of contestants then a man jumped out and began grabbing women’s bags causing fights and a stampede.

Authorities shut down the audition citing it was improperly organized and many model hopefuls fled leaving their shoes, clothes and sleeping bags littering the street.

3 thoughts on “Short Models Stampede At Tyra Banks’ Top Model Casting In New York

  1. this is part of why casting for reality shows is such bs. arranging organized, safe auditions for crowds of people is not difficult to do. it seems that the producers of ANTM were more interested in generating publicity for their cattle call and new season. AMTM is a laughable show now anyway and has never produced a so-called “top model”. still for a young woman, dreaming of making it big, maybe they should consider a less exloitive and dangerous ways to screen new talent. or they can just get contestants from tyra’s summer camp (since they’ve done that once and made a winner).

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