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New York Fashion Week: Laotian-American Fashion Designer Nary Manivong Interviewed By Patrick McMullan

New York-based fashion designer (and friend of Blindie) Nary Manivong debuted his latest collection at New York Fashion Week on Thursday, and Blindie got a hold of his recent interview with famed photog Patrick McMullan for NBC.

For those who don’t know Manivong yet, the Columbus-bred designer has lived a life that could be made into a hit rags-to-riches story (in fact, a documentary based on his life, titled Dressed, will be debuting at film festivals this spring): At 14, the Laotian American designer, his twin brother and two younger siblings were homeless, abandoned by their parents and Manivong did his best to support himself and his siblings.

After graduating from high school, the ambitious youngster moved to New York with $200 in his pocket and a dream of becoming a designer. Blindie is ecstatic to see that Manivong is making moves this season with his strongest collection yet–and a spirit that helps fuel the craziness that is New York.

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