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Blindie EXCLUSIVE: Catching Up With Model Pierre Woods Before New York Fashion Week

In preparation for Fashion Week, Blindie caught up with Ralph Lauren’s model-on-the-rise Pierre Woods to get his take on some of the weighty issues that a fashionable man has to tackle.

Boxers or Brief?: “I’d prefer boxer briefs…but if I HAVE to choose…I’d say briefs because they’re better to wear for working out.”

Beyonce of Sasha?: “I’ll have to say Beyonce. The name Beyonce bounces off the tongue better”

Mariah or Mimi?: “The Emancipation of Mimi was a good come back album for her…So that makes this one tough…I’d say the winner of the split decision is Mimi.”

Chanel Iman or Iman?: “This one is easy, Chanel Iman. She’s a very talented and sweet girl and her mom is amazing too. I worked with her on the 2008 Holiday shoot for Ralph Lauren. We did a shoot together on a Ski-Doo (snowmobile) that wasn’t used, that I’d love to have in my book.”

Chanel Iman and Pierre Woods in a shoot together? Blindie would love to have that in our books also!

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