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Tyler Perry Admits He’s Stalking Diana Ross For His New Film A Jazz Man’s Blues

Hollywood mogul Tyler Perry may have a hit television show, a string of successful movies, and even his own multi-million dollar production studio, but he’s not above stalking a diva.

During a press junket for his latest film Madea Goes To Jail, Perry revealed he has been stalking Diana Ross to play a role in his upcoming film A Jazz Man’s Blues.

Perry says, “I want her in the film. I’ve been sending flowers. I’ve been sending people by her. I’ve been sending emails to people who know her. I’ve talked to the man who walks her dog. I’ve been trying to locate where she’s at. Is she in this part of the country? Is she doing a concert somewhere? Can I get backstage?”

Blues is set around 1947 and Perry feels Ross will bring the same magic she brought to the 1972 Billie Holiday biopic Lady Sings the Blues which was set around the same time period.

Ben Kingsley, Cicely Tyson and Kimberly Elise are also part of Perry’s dream cast, as well as himself -of course!

Blindie would love to see Ms. Ross return to the screen especially in a 1940s blues drama!

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