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Will Rihanna Be Cast As The Fourth Charlie’s Angel?

Producer Nancy Juvonen alluded to a fourth lady joining the cast of a third installment of Charlie’s Angel in an interview with, and even dropped the name of music sensation Rihanna as a possibility.

Juvonen told that, “I’m really into that when the show had the four Angels on for a while, and Farrah [Fawcett]’s little sister, Cheryl Ladd, came in. There was something fun with that, I think, that’s very iconic of the show. So I’m a little on that.”

When asked if actresses should start pitching themselves to be the fourth Angel alongside Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu, Juvonen said, ” They should. I’m having a Rihanna fixation myself.”

Blindie thinks Rihanna will make a kick-ass Angel and we’re hoping she’ll work an umbrella into some action scenes.

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