Rosario Dawson Hosts Saturday Night Live, Shines In Aladdin 10-Year Anniversary Skit

Serving as host of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, Seven Pounds star Rosario Dawson shined in a hilarious parody of the animated flick, Aladdin.

In the skit, Dawson as Jasmine celebrates her 10-year anniversary with her love Aladdin. Singing a bitter rendition of their hit song, “A Whole New World,” Dawson sounds amazing–making Blindie recall her stint as Mimi in Rent.

4 thoughts on “Rosario Dawson Hosts <em>Saturday Night Live</em>, Shines In <em>Aladdin</em> 10-Year Anniversary Skit”

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  2. That female is just brilliant, I mean most seems to think she is a fool but that’s just an act, it does require some skills to become one of the most famous people in the world.

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