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Mario Bros. Goes Presidential In ‘Super Obama World’ Video Game

If you’ve already bought the Barack Obama gold coin, decorated your nativity scene with hand-made Italian figurines of the President-elect, or perhaps used some of the “Obama Condoms” then you will definitely appreciate the free online video game “Super Obama World.”

Created by the ZenSoft gaming company, “Obama World” is based on the classic Nintendo game Super Mario Bros. and features the President-elect making his way through a frozen 16-bit Alaskan world.

Instead of collecting gold coins like Mario and avoiding Koopa Troopa turtles and Goomba mushrooms, Obama must collect American flag lapel pins and stave off lipstick-wearing pigs, lobbyists carrying sacks of money and Sarah Palin’s on-the-loose wardrobe.

The kicker is when Obama powers-up with a piece of pie (we’re wondering if it’s apple or sweet potato pie) to become a suit-clad, sunglass wearing g-man!

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