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Oprah Winfrey Thanks God for Kate Winslet’s Real Breasts

Golden Globe winner Kate Winslet was on Oprah today and was praised by the Queen of ALL media, not for her acting, but for her “real breasts!”

Referencing her sexually explicit drama, The Reader, Winfrey gushes to Winslet, “I love the fact that you have real breasts!”

“In all the scenes, your breasts do what real breasts do,” Oprah pointed out, saying that unlike augmented breasts they flap under her underarm when they lie down!

“God bless your real breasts,” Winfrey said, and Winslet thanks her.

One thought on “Oprah Winfrey Thanks God for Kate Winslet’s Real Breasts

  1. I really liked how easy going she was when asked the question. I expected her to be uptight, but instead she was completely depreciating and funny.

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