Thrift store jaunts and workouts at the gym aren’t exactly how you expect a rocker and his indie chic daughter to spend quality time, but that’s just what 20-year-old Zoe Kravitz does with dad Lenny.

When the attractive duo aren’t attending fashion shows together, they enjoy organic pancakes, wander thrift stores and workout at the ultra hip ME Fitness gym with trainer Robert Severiano in Miami.

“Zoe has lived with me since she was 11, and we are very close. After church, I’ll go straight to the farmers’ market and see what they’ve got. I get lots of fruit to make juice home and I’ll make wholegrain, organic pancakes. Usually, Zoe and me then have a drink in a cafe or wander around the thrift stores,” Lenny said in an interview.

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President-elect Barack Obama revealed on ABC’s This Week that the choice of puppy for daughters Sasha and Malia has been narrowed down to a Labradoodle and a Portugesse Water Hound.

Host George Stephanopoulos passed along the question from Obama’s daughters, who were sitting in the control room, ‘What kind of a dog are we getting and when are we getting it?’

Obama replied, “They seem to have narrowed it down to a labradoodle or a Portuguese water hound … medium-sized dog, and so, we’re now going to start looking at shelters to see when one of those dogs might come up.”

“We’re closing in on it. This has been tougher than finding a commerce secretary,” the President-elect said.

Both the Labradoodle, a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle, and the Portugese Water Hound are known for being hypo-allergenic.

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The carrot-topped Prince of Wales has done it again! Prince Harry shocked the world with racist comments, calling military friends “‘paki,” the derogatory term for Pakistanis, and “raghead,” a slur that refers to muslim head dress.

Ok, maybe he didn’t shock the world -this is the same person who dressed up as a Nazi, complete with swastika armband for a costume party, and indulged in marijuana and underage drinking. Let’s just say that considering Prince Harry’s track record we’re surprised this is making headllines, especially since the comments were made back in 2006.

Patrick Harrison, a spokesperson from the Prince’s office, released a statement on Saturday claiming Harry didn’t mean any offense with the term “paki.”

“Prince Harry fully understands how offensive this term can be, and is extremely sorry for any offense his words might cause,” the statement said.

In their own statement Britain’s defense ministry said “Neither the army nor the armed forces tolerates inappropriate behavior in any shape or form” but also added “We are not aware of any complaint having been made by the individual.”

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