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Santogold Doesn’t Mind Being Called A ‘Lesbian Techno Rapper’

Singer, songwriter Santi White, who goes by the moniker Santogold, receives lots of fan support on her MySpace page and doesn’t mind the occassional unsupportive message.

When the innovative artist receives the message “I hate your lesbian techno rap” posted on her page she sees it as a sign that she’s doing a good job.

“It means I am getting people outside of my zone freaked out by the fact that I don’t fit into something they understand. It means I am pushing some boundaries, I guess,” she tells The Independent.

And as for any criticism about her selling out her music for commercial use (Converse anyone?) the outspoken artist says, “It’s a new way in the absence of radio support to get new people to hear your music. MTV doesn’t play videos anymore. So for me it has been the best way to get my music exposed.”

Santogold’s 2008 single “Creator” was most recently used in a Bud Light Lime commercial and an Alberto VO5 haircare commercial.

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