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ObamaNation: Barack Fist-Bumps Spider-Man In Marvel Comic

Marvel is giving Barack Obama the highest honor in geek land -a cameo in a Spider-Man comic. And not just the “walk-on roles” usually given to most presidents, but as an integral part of the storyline.

In the comic, Peter Parker attends the inauguration and decides “the future president’s gonna need Spider-Man.” When Parker is faced with an Obama imposter he uses basketball to determine the real one and even gets to fist-bump with the President-elect.

Obama is featured on the cover of the bonus issue of Amazing Spider-Man #583 which will be available on January 14.

PHOTO CREDIT: Marvel Comics/ AP

4 thoughts on “ObamaNation: Barack Fist-Bumps Spider-Man In Marvel Comic

  1. Hi guys; I’m looking for some new Anime series to watch. What’s everyone’s favorite Anime? Anyone know any good Anime similiar to Fate/Stay Night? It’s bugging me, all I continue finding are boring drama Anime that are always so plain.

  2. This is funny for a comic book company such as Marvel and DC comics who don’t hire minorities esp. as comic book artists. Probably only 3 minorites in both companies that can’t be mistaken for a white person as identified as a white person.

  3. Stop posting this misery. I don’t care if he is the president. If you or no else has not put pictures of other president with spiderman what makes you should put a picture of him. You think I want to see politics involved with spiderman. I’m sure many famous people even other presidents are a fan of spiderman. Anyway just because he is black as if that mean’t a difference doesn’t mean you have to be extolling him. He hasn’t done nothing for anyone. Only talks about adding underground wiring for the internet, set serious. I don’t like presidents nor do I care about who runs things. Its dumb when you search for spiderman and this comes up. Spiderman wouldn’t care about the president nor has he ever.

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