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Prince Plans To Release Three Albums This Year

Prince is kicking off 2009 with plans to release three albums as well as distribute them independently.

The diminuitive, yet larger than life singer says he completed two solo albums tentaively titled MPLSOUND -a reference to his hometown of Minneapolis, Lotus Flower, and Elixir, a seductive collaboration album with his latest protégé Bria Valente because “we got sick of waiting for Sade to make a new album.”

He describes MPLSOUND, which features an appearance by rapper Q-Tip, as electro-tinged showcasing “new ways of recording,” and Elixir as “nasty” but not dirty.

Last month Prince previewed a few of the new songs to Los Angeles rock station Indie 103. His last album was released in 2007 as a give away in the UK’s Daily Mail On Sunday newspaper.

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