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Critic Says Twilight ‘Trespassed’ Taylor Lautner & Nikki Reed with ‘Race-Changing Makeup’

A film review of Twilight by the University of Minnesota’s student paper criticizes Summit Entertainment for changing the skin color of actors Taylor Lautner (who plays Native American Jacob Black) and Nikki Reed (who plays translucent blond vampire Rosalie Hale) to fit their roles in the blockbuster vampire flick.

“The make-up artists and casters, for some reason or another, decided that it was ok to change the race of actors if need be, and did so in at least two noticeable occasions,” critic Rebecca Lang, who calls these actions “trespasses,” says.

“Taylor Lautner is painted brown and given a long black wig to play the Native American character Jacob Black,” she points out, “and Thirteen star Nikki Reed appears to have been bleached white and stuck in a blonde wig. Naturally quite striking, the new look leaves her … puffy.”

While Lautner is actually part-Native American, Reed previously admitted that her transformation was the most dramatic. The brunette admitted to damaging her hair to go blond and even going as far as undergoing skin-bleaching procedures to lighten her glowing olive complexion.

“I had the biggest transformation out of everybody,” Reed said during press junkets for the film. “I actually dyed my hair blonde and bleached my skin. Everything of mine that I associate with myself, like my mole, that was all gone. So I had to look in the mirror and see a different person every day.”

14 thoughts on “Critic Says Twilight ‘Trespassed’ Taylor Lautner & Nikki Reed with ‘Race-Changing Makeup’

  1. Oh please, Nikki has done awesomely as Rosalie! If she was bad they wouldnt have kept her on board for all four movies, and clearly she feels comfortable with the role or else she’d have already quit and gotten replaced, so enough whining already. Whether you like it or not, she’s the actress of Rosalie Hale so you can either suck it up and quit your complaining or continue to complain which changes nothing.

  2. Taylor looked exactly as he was supposed to be, just how Jacob was described in the book, but the main problem with Nikki is that she was miscasted, IMO. Rosalie should have been played by a caucasian, thin, and blonde girl and they’d have saved tons of make up, LOL. Seriously, there’re lots of actresses that could have replaced her… for me, Evan Rachel Wood would have been just perfect, she even have a natural vampire vibe. =P

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  4. critiques are not haters they are only being critical about certain aspects of the movie and they have every right to be. I have no problem with Niki and Taylor’s make up. I like both of these characters and in my mind it was necessary to do what they had to do to fit the role. By the way I don’t see any problem with Taylor/Jacob make up since he does have some native American blood in him. The one thing that is annoying is the obsessed fans who can’t stand anyone else who seems to have a different opinion to them. I like Twilight but I can’t stand Edward or Bella I am a Carlisle fan. So automatically that makes me a hater too. These fans have to realize that they are just fans and like all fans everyone has different opinions – get used to it.

  5. nikki is a very good choice for rosalie. she is a proffessional actor and if that means changing some things for a role then so be it. same goes for taylor. nikki is meant to be pale that’s what makes her a vampire and not some random person in the film.

  6. critics are hatas ,let the hatas hate, let them do there job of hatin

    thats why nobody likes um ,the more hatas u got the better shit that just means u got suntin bout u that people like and that they cant get it

    LET THE HATAS HATE!!!!!!!!!

  7. I agree. they chose to be inthe movie so… and as for Nikki’s skin….ummm they are suppose to be vampires (pale)and alot of people in films change their looks because they ARE playing SOMEONE ELSE. this critic is definately tryin to cause drama!

  8. I completely agree with the above two comments. I thought casting Nikki Reed was the most disappointing choice made for this movie because she absolutely did not look the part. There were girls I went to high school with who better matched the description.

  9. I am sick and tired of people going off and downing others for what they have done. This “critic” is just trying to cause drama. These actors agreed to play the parts. In doing so they agreed to whatever “make up” they were put in. I’m quite sure they were paid a “pretty penny” for doing so.
    A question to the critic: Do you tan? If so, why are you “trespassing” by changing your natural skin color?
    There are so many important things in this world that need attention. Why don’t you start worrying about these things instead of what celebrities do? It is their business what they do. Just leave them alone. Who are you to chastise others for what they do? What makes you so special? Nothing.
    Now just get over it! It’s their choice. Simple as that.
    If you or anyone else has anything to say, email me:

  10. hm well it was their choice to be in the movies??

    they should have done whatever it took to make it sucessful instead of bitching about it!!

    nikki is beautiful but shes far from what i would have thought rosalie to look like..sort of a dissapointment

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