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Mariah Carey = Not A Math Whiz

Sense About Science annually reports on celebrities “misleading claims” about science and has listed Mariah Carey as one of this year’s offenders in the mathematics category.

The 2008 Science report calls out Carey for ignoring basic algebra and translating her latest album title E=MC2, which is borrowed from Einstein’s most famous scientific formula for mass-energy equivalence, as “emancipation equals Mariah Carey times two,” instead of squared.

The number two in the equation acts as an exponent to the C variable, meaning the C would be multiplied by itself -another C, and not multiplied by the number two as Carey has mistakenly said.

But since Carey squared is exponentially better than Carey multiplied by two, we think Mimi’s new math deserves an A plus!

A few other celebrities busted for their lack of science sense: Tom Cruise for pooh poohing psychiatry, Demi Moore for endorsing the detox benefits of leeches, and TV cook Delia Smith for claiming the nation’s obesity could be cured ” if we cut down sugar addiction.”