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VIDEO VIRUS: The Fake Thundercats Trailer Starring Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman And Vin Diesel

Children of the eighties rejoice! Not only is the Thundercats cartoon being made into a full-length movie, but a fake trailer for the film is making a big hot on the web.

Produced by WormyT who calls themself an “animator illustrator who loves movies…presently working as an artist in a videogame company,” the trailer features clips from a variety of action films pieced together with computer magic starring Brad Pitt as Lion-o, Hugh Jackman as Tygra, Vin Diesel as Panthro, and a CGI Garfield as Snarf.

All we can say is, the real Thundercats film from Warner Bros. due out in 2010 had better be good. Thundercats, HO!

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