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ObamaNation: Barack’s Pre-Inauguration Hawaiian Vacation

Barack Obama jetted off to Hawaii this weekend for a much-needed holiday break and kicked off his two-week vacation by teeing off on the Olomana Golf Links in Waimanalo.

With less than a month to go before his historical and much-hyped inauguration, Obama seemed in good spirits as he played 18 holes of golf with political aide Eugene Kang and some friends.

Dressed in a white polo shirt, tan cargo shorts and some cool shades, Obama made a food run midway through the course, stopping at a snack bar to purchase the following: two passion-orange sodas, one Powerade, and one Coke, two hot dogs, two Spam musubi (a sushi-like Hawaiian delicacy consisting of Spam and fried egg on a slab of rice held together with a dried seaweed wrap) -all totaling $17.75.

The President-elect even offered to pick up the beer tab for the reporters, suggesting they take a break from photographing him by visiting the clubhouse, CNN reports.

Obama spent the rest of the weekend shirtless, showing off his washboard abs with his family at the quiet oceanfront community of Kailua.

PHOTO CREDIT: (top) AP; (bottom) Bauer-Griffin/TMZ.com

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