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Beyonce Oscar Buzz Unfounded, Eamonn Walker Buzz Found

The so-called Oscar buzz swirling around Beyonce’s portrayal of legendary singer Etta James in Cadillac Records is turning out to be much a buzz about nothing.

With an appearance in practically the last half of the film and an extremely watered-down portrayal of James’ drug addiction (we’ve seen grittier on a Law and Order opening sequence), we’re wondering who started all the Oscar talk about the singer’s performance. Oh right, it was that Essence article quoting Beyonce’s acting coach—and yes, we’re guilty of populating the buzz.

To set the record straight: If anyone from the Cadillac cast is worthy of an Oscar nod it has to be Eamonn Walker. His powerful performance as the clean-living, righteous blues legend Howlin’ Wolf was superb.

Walker did his own singing in the film and tells AOL Black Voices that he prepared for the role by researching the little-known, yet highly influential music man.

We hope Eamonn Walker gets to reprise his role as Howlin’ Wolf if a biopic on the gravelly-voiced singer is ever produced.

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