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Where In The World Is Michael Jackson?: Dodging A Lawsuit From A Bahrain Prince

Bahrain Prince, Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa is suing Michael Jackson for over $7 million in London’s High Court claiming the singer reneged on a record contract.

Abdullah’s lawyer Bankim Thanki claims Jackson was paid lucrative sums by the Sheikh in 2005, including $35,000 to pay utility bills at the Neverland Ranch as part of a “pay-back” agreement that included the release of a new album and an autobiography.

Jackson is claiming the Sheikh’s payments were gifts and that a project was never finalized.

The King of Pop was a guest of the Bahrain royal family soon after his child molestation trial ended in 2005. “Sheikh Abdullah began to support Mr. Jackson financially after 2005 when it became clear that Mr. Jackson was in very serious financial difficulties, much to Sheikh Abdullah’s surprise,” Thanki said.

Jackson, who is currently in the United States, is claiming to be unfit for travel to the United Kingdom for the trial and may be allowed to give his testimony via video link next week.

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