Day: November 13, 2008

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Obama’s First Post-Election Interview: Ebony Or 60 Minutes?

It’s the interview every news publication worth their salt, or still in business, is vying to get -the first post-election interview with President-elect Barack Obama.

Variety is boasting that CBS’ 60 Minutes has nabbed the first interview, but the sit-down doesn’t actually take place until Friday, and Reuters is reporting that Obama has already given an interview to Johnson Publishing’s Ebony magazine, one of the oldest black-owned publications.

So, Ebony scored the first print post-election interview while 60 Minutes nabbed the first television interview, but technically Ebony takes the prize for nabbing the overall first interview.

Obama spoke with the Chicago-based publication about political issues, the international reaction to his election and his hopes of capitalizing on the enthusiasm of his supporters.

“I’m very humbled by the fact that I stand on the shoulders of all the people who made these incredible contributions to lift this country up,” Obama said in the interview.

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Business Music Where In The World Is Michael Jackson?

Where In The World Is Michael Jackson?: Negotiating A Mortgage Bailout For Neverland

Michael Jackson has averted a foreclosure on his beloved Neverland Ranch by striking a deal with Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC. A grant deed for the ranch has been filed to transfer ownership of the ranch from the pop singer to the company.

It is interesting to note that Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC is a joint venture between Jackson and Colony Capital LLC; and Colony is the same company that stepped in to purchase Jackson’s loan earlier this year when he was in default of $24.5 million on the property.

Jackson purchased Neverland Ranch in 1998, which was then named Sycamore Vallery Ranch, and built an amusement park and a zoo on the estate. The singer had not resided at the ranch since his June 2005 child molestation trial.

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