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Michelle Obama’s Narciso Rodriquez Dress Garners Negative Reviews

The introduction of the next First Family of the United States was a historic moment last night in Chicago’s Grant Park. But Michelle Obama’s choice of dress had many fashionistas scratching their heads.

Thanks to our friends at FrockWriter, the controversial Narciso Rodriquez dress has finally surfaced.

Blindie prefers Michelle’s belted purple frock from the infamous fist-bumping evening more than this somewhat haunting piece. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Michelle Obama’s Narciso Rodriquez Dress Garners Negative Reviews

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  3. I didn’t see any hidden meanings or nefarious tie-ins to political parties or foreign flags in Michelle Obama’s dress…. I just saw a lovely woman wearing a VERY unflattering dress. I love that she doesn’t wear a stuffy suit but this one made her look like she had a huge stomach, which she doesn’t. And most of her outfits pull and pucker at the top and make her look flat chested. With top designers dying to dress you, I know you can do better.

  4. What is this woman thinking? Several times now she has shown very poor taste in her dress choice. Sorry but I dont think she is classy at all. Not my idea of First Lady. Aside from that, what is more disturbing to me is the fact that the red/black worn by all of them is the colors of the communist flag with the hammer and sickle. Did any one see this flag being waved at the celebration outside the white house last night? A lot of people did.

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