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Lewis Hamilton: First Black And Youngest Formula One World Champion

Lewis Hamilton finished a nail-biting race on Sunday in the Brazil Grand Prix at Interlagos, taking fifth place to claim the driver’s title. He became the first black and youngest Formula One champion in the history of the sport and the first British champion since Damon Hill won in 1996.

Hamilton has been the target of hateful and racist attacks by racing fans in Spain who earlier this year dressed in blackface during a race and most recently with a website containing obscene posts referring to Hamilton’s color and reads “Hamilton cannot finish the race..we have to stop him however we can,” inviting users to burst his tires.

The 23 year-old driver needs to win just two more Formula One championships to win the $8 million rare McLaren F1 road car that was promised to him by McLaren team boss Ron Dennis last year.

4 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton: First Black And Youngest Formula One World Champion

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  2. Saw him win his very first race in Montreal. Even the F.I.A couldn’t ruin this moment. His father needs to get rid of that chick. Her album flopped, it’s only a matter of time before she traps him!

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