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Ga Ga: Stylist Dwight Eubanks Of Real Housewives

After watching a few episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Blindie quickly realized the real gem of the show isn’t any of the overpriced baubles that Big Poppa buys for Kim Zolciak, it is Nene Leakes’ “gay boyfriend” Dwight Eubanks.

The dapper hair stylist can be seen on the Bravo series warning Nene of “plastic people,” helping Nene’s son Brice add color to his wardrobe, and accurately predicting that the guests at DeShawn Snow’s gala would eat all her food and drink all the liquor and “not pay for nothin’.”

When Eubanks isn’t bestowing words of wisdom to rich Housewives he can be found at The Purple Door hair salon in Atlanta, which he owns and operates.

The salon also serves as the backdrop for a new reality show starring the style maven, Behind The Purple Door.

Blindie stumbled upon the trailer for Purple Door on Youtube and we are relishing the clips of Eubanks’ employees describing him as “extra” and “grand,” and Eubanks’ self-proclamation of “I’m just international.”

We’re assuming the show hasn’t been picked up by a network yet, and we are eagerly waiting for its and Mr. Eubanks’ big debut.

Watch it now.

11 thoughts on “Ga Ga: Stylist Dwight Eubanks Of Real Housewives

  1. I so love me some Dwight!!!!! I watch Housewives just to see him. He is a professional with everything that he does and I am so looking forward to this adventure that he is about to embark us on.

    Lovin’ some Dwight!
    Renee Reed (a little town called Marianna Florida) Ha.ha

  2. He shut housewives down when he walked in Nene’s house last night with that mink,hat and a pair of thee baddest shades I seen this year.

  3. dwight was hating on lisa fashion show i wanna know who made him the fashion king.? and that nose gotta go looking like michael jackson i jus dont like yu.!

  4. Love some Dwight , I feel like you bring a great since of stlye to the show, Love your attitude and movtivation. FABULOUS!!!…..Check-out my work on Facebook, Im a hair stylist as well. If you ever lookin for new stylist let me know. I am the one you would be looking for. Diamond in the ruff!!… Love Ne-Ne new look and Iove her other style as well. Great work!!!!

  5. i m your #1 DIVA FAN lol~
    Dwight i wanna kno can I learn by your knee!
    Ur just GRAND!! I watch just to see you ! I cant wait until your show comes on ! CONGRATS BOO !!

  6. Love me some Dwight, can’t wait to see the master at work. I know he’s gonna bring it!!!

  7. I felt that you were the show Dwight and the next time I’m out in atlanta I will be stopping by to have my hair done. I will be making an appointment before I arrive.

  8. I love you Dwight !!!!!!!!!!! When I come to Atl, I’m comin to see you boo.
    Can’t wait to watch your show.

    Your biggest fan,
    Candice Campbell -NY

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