Day: October 18, 2008

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Subway Uses Urban Slang To Sell Sandwiches

As part of their five dollar footlong sandwich promotion, Subway has transformed Abraham Lincoln into a diamond earring-wearing, slang-spewing spokesperson.

The Subway website features the taglines “that’s somethin’ to holla about,” the image of Lincoln saying “five dolla footlong….that’s some serious value son,” and prompts users to “give your friends a customized shoutout” by emailing or texting a holla’.

Jared’s sandwich shop of choice is clearly trying to reach a younger, hipper, and more ethnic demographic with its hip-hop influenced campaign. And while their five dollar revamp is not as offensive as the Obama bucks, it is being criticized by the black community for promoting stereotypes of urban and street culture.

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Ga Ga: Chuck Bass As ‘Womanizer’ In New Gossip Girl Promo

Gossip Girl‘s latest promo ad highlights the escapades of the unscrupulous Chuck Bass to the tune of Britney Spear’s new song “Womanizer.”

Bass, played by Ed Westwick, delivers some of his best dialogue in this 30 second spot and Leighton Meester’s character Blair sums it all up with “damn that mother-Chucker!”

The scandalous promo will debut on The CW and beginning October 20th.

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Queen Latifah Talks Bees But Keeps Mum About Baby Plans

Queen Latifah alludes to becoming a mother as she talks with the San Francisco Chronicle about how a possible pregnancy would have been written into her role of August Boatwright in the new film The Secret Life of Bees.

“August was just so nurturing and maternal and comfortable in her own skin,” the 38 year-old says of her Bees character. “And that is okay if you’ve got a little one in there and all that love is flowing through your mind. It could be kind of cool.”

The rapper turned actress also promises to keep quiet about her motherhood plans for now. “I will probably be six months pregnant before anyone knows about it and I won’t talk about the baby until after it’s born.”

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Four Tops’ lead singer Levi Stubbs Dies At 72

The lead singer of legendary Motown group The Four Tops died on Friday at his home in Detroit. Stubbs had suffered numerous health problems including cancer and a stroke.

The baritone singer began his music career while in high school with friends Abdul “Duke” Fakir, Renaldo “Obie” Benson and Lawrence Payton. The quartet originally called themselves The Four Aims and signed onto Chess Records in 1956. It wasn’t until the group signed with Berry Gordy’s Motown Records in the early sixties did they become chart-toppers with hit songs like ” I Can’t Help Myself (Suger Pie, Honey Bunch)” and “It’s The Same Old Song.”

Stubbs’ death leaves Abdul “Duke” Fair as the only living member of the original Tops line-up. Lawrence Payton passed away in 1997 and Renaldo Benson died in 2005.


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