Day: October 13, 2008

Gossip Girl TV

Gossip Girl: Bar Fights, Catfights, And College Drama!

Gossip Girl goes Ivy League as our spoiled little Upper Eastsiders bring their prep school drama to the New Haven campus of Yale University. Meanwhile, Jenny Humphrey is trying to convince her father to let her drop out of school and get home schooled like the very unpreppy Vanessa.

Here are Blindie’s top moments:

  1. Nate finds out the whole Yale campus is calling his dad the modern-day Michael Milken, that “Junk Bond King” of the 1980s who was indicted for insider trading, so he pretends to be Dan Humphrey.
  2. Little Jenny takes her dad Rufus to her job at Eleanor Waldorf’s studio to convince him to let her drop out of St. Jude’s and become Eleanor Waldorf’s full-time fashion bitch!
  3. Dan catches Nate using his name in order to get it on with a cute english major! Well, at least Nate is hooking up with girls closer to his age.
  4. A Skull and Bones-like fraternity hijacks Chuck and then compares his notorious womanizing reputation to that of John Mayer!
  5. Even though Serena was planning on applying to the slacker’s Ivy League, Brown University, she tries her hardest to steal Blair’s Yale dreams by charming the Dean.
  6. Nate tells Dan off for being self-righteous, telling him “don’t you ever get tired of carrying that chip around your shoulder….no wonder Serena dumped you!”
  7. When Blair isn’t invited to the Dean’s “intimate gathering” she bribes his cat-loving secretary to give her his home address by buying her antique porcelain cats from Christie’s!
  8. Blair pulls a Georgina and tries to humiliate Serena at the Dean’s party by preying upon her demon Pete Fairmont, the guy who overdosed on cocaine and left Serena riddled with guilt.
  9. Blair and Serena throw down in a hair-pulling catfight! Serena even snatches Blair’s headband off! So uncalled for!
  10. First Dan and Chuck threw down at a bar, and now Nate proves he’s not too much of a WASPoid to get into a bar fight as he reveals his identity to the frat guys that mistakenly tied up Dan to the school statue in nothing but his boxers.
  11. Blair says to Serena, “I’m sick of always looking like Darth Vader next to Barbie Sunshine!” as they both agree to call a cease fire.
  12. When Chuck is confronted by the fraternity for tricking them he shuts them up with incriminating photos and in true Chuck Bass style he says “you may be the future leaders…but you are now under the control of Chuck Bass, I own you!”
  13. After causing a scene at the Dean’s house with Serena, Blair laments “we’re probably gonna end up at Hunter!” Yikes, even poor girl Vanessa is trying for NYU.
  14. Nate ditches a limo ride back to New York with Chuck for a train ride with his new BFF “hum-drum” Dan Humphrey.


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Color on the Cover ObamaNation Politics

Color on the Cover: Barack Obama Appears on Men’s Vogue

Asking “will his steadiness be his Achilles’ heel?” Men’s Vogue puts Sen. Barack Obama on their November 2008 “visionaries” issue.

Referencing his 2006 cover story for the magazine, Obama said, “You don’t want just to be the president… You want to be a great president.”

Oh, how we’re crossing our fingers that he will be that president.

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