Day: October 12, 2008

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Ga Ga: Dania Ramirez of Heroes & Quarantine Fame

With the No. 2 film at the box office, Quarantine star Dania Ramirez is going places.

While Blindie hasn’t really watched a scary film since The Sixth Sense, we have noticed Ramirez’s rising star with her stint on HBO’s The Sopranos, where she played AJ’s older girlfriend, to her current role on NBC’s Heroes.

Sucking the life out of anyone who pisses her off, Ramirez’s role as Maya Herrera finds her also making out with one of TV’s hottest guys, Sendhil Ramamurthy! For this (and the fact that we love that a hot Latina is going sci-fi), she’s on Blindie’s ga ga list!

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Angelina Jolie: ‘An American President Like Barack Obama Would Be Nice For My Family’

Humanitarian mom and movie star Angelina Jolie has yet to endorse a candidate for president in this historic race, but has finally given kudos to Sen. Barack Obama in the German edition of Vanity Fair.

While she says his mixed background is “good,” Jolie says “it’s not a sufficient reason to vote for him.” But where he stands on the issues makes him a tempting choice.

“Obama fights for international justice, he wants to militarily intervene in cases of genocide, and close Guantanamo Bay,” the Changeling star says. “These are the things that could move me to vote for him, not his roots.”

But in terms of his roots: “Naturally, an American president like Barack Obama would be nice for my family.”

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VIDEO VIRUS: Obama Impersonation Better Than Saturday Night Live’s

Watch this hilarious and dead-on imitation of democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

This young black man not only delivers the vocal inflections, hand gestures and hilarious phrases like “the straight talk express is on stand-by,” but he’s also as handsome as the Senator!

Saturday Night Live‘s Fred Armisen could learn a thing or two from this outstanding impersonation!

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America's Next Top Model Fashion Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks Spins Off America’s Next Top Model’s Miss J and Jay Manuel

Just like Oprah Winfrey made hit shows from her talk show guests -Dr. Phil, Rachael Ray, and soon Dr. Oz, Tyra Banks is spinning her own TV gold with America’s Next Top Model judges Miss J. Alexander and Jay Manuel.

Miss Banks will executive-produce J and Jay in the new CW series tentatively titled Operation Fabulous which features the stylish duo traveling this great Velveeta-eating, Wal-mart shopping country and giving head-to-toe makeovers to five small town folks who will compete to take part in a larger competition. Can you say walk off?!

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Fashion Politics

Maggie Gyllenhaal Gets A New Hot Crop & All-Natural Fashion Cause

One of Blindie’s favorite actresses Maggie Gyllenhaal looked radiant during Fashion Week in Los Angeles–and it wasn’t because of her new hair cut. The acclaimed actress hosted SoyJoy’s Fashionably Natural, a groundbreaking runway show that showcased designers who work exclusively with all-natural fabrics.

The socially-conscious icon, who follows in the footsteps of other eco-fashion figures (Stella McCartney, Natalie Portman), told Entertainment Tonight that before teaming up with SoyJoy on the show, “I sort of thought of eco-friendly clothing as misshapen hemp sweaters from 1992.”

But Gyllenhaal insists that just because you wear all-natural fabrics, “You still have to vote and you still have to be a responsible citizen!”

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