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Naomi Campbell on Barack Obama: ‘Let’s Paint the White House Black!’

Naomi Campbell, the first black model to grace the covers of British & French Vogue, may be a Brit by nationality–but she’s an American for Barack Obama at heart!

“I know that I am blessed – but there is always scope for change and improvement,” the 38-year-old supermodel told The Times. “Obama is for change, and I really hope he wins – let’s paint the White House black.”

Campbell, who has had multiple run-ins with the law due to her abrupt anger and infamous cellphone slinging, also said of her somewhat changed ways: “I have learnt – I am learning, I should say, not to be provoked. But if someone insults me, I’m still going to defend myself. I don’t take good to racial insults…”

Speaking of race, the groundbreaking beauty says of diversity in the modeling world, “My gut instinct is to keep women of colour out there whether I’m still in fashion or not. I’ll be very happy when I’m 55 years old to pick up a magazine and see a lovely spread with a black woman. Then I’ll know that I didn’t work for all these years only to see it go backwards.”

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