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Model-Turned-Actress Joy Bryant Opens Up About Dropping Out of Yale For Fashion

Rising starlet Joy Bryant recently opened up about ditching the Ivy Leagues for the fashion world.

“I dropped out of Yale at the end of my sophomore year to model,” Bryant, 31, tells the Huffington Post. “I gave myself a year to make it happen.”

Shortly after leaving college, she was booked for Seventeen magazine’s back to school issue. “They seemed to dig my Ivy League credentials,” she reflects. “Others seemed shocked that I wasn’t an idiot.”

The fashionista, who has been ‘shutting it down’ on Bravo‘s The Rachel Zoe Project, also dishes on her unceremonious meeting with a ‘VERY famous designer’:

I was on line for at least an hour or so, which SUCKS but that’s what you got to do, so you do it. I finally get to the room, where the VERY famous designer is sitting at a long table with a few associates. I say hello, hand my portfolio over, and proceed to “walk” (please reference “Top Model”). I do so and then the VERY famous designer says to me, with a smile of course, “Joy, you are soooo beautiful, but I’m not using black girls this season.” (Insert sound of record scratching here). Yeah, he actually said that to my ‘beautiful’ face. He’s lucky he didn’t get a black eye.

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