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Confessions of an ObamaVoter: McCain vs. Obama in the Ultimate Convention Speech Off

The nomination acceptance speeches for both Barack Obama & John McCain were telling moments for their race for the White House.

Obama shattered expectations with an oratory masterpiece, while McCain managed to survive the night with the support of two crutches: his POW biography and sassy VP pick Sarah Palin.

When Obama’s moment came, he wiped the GOP’s character attacks of him off the map: Celebrity? Patriotism? Toughness? All arguments revealed to be nothing more than child’s play–the retorts in this speech were so delicious!!!

After a solid Joe Biden VP pick, a successful DNC, and Obama’s game changing speech, the Republicans had to make a desperate move in order to compete…that’s where VP pick Sarah Palin came in.

This pro-life, moose hunting, hockey mom-ing, miss congeniality-winning, right wing firecracker came out with venom for Obama, electrifying her base with an effective, substance free, biting performance. She gave the cowboy hat-wearing GOPs an early climax at the convention…and McCain put them to sleep afterwards.

In an effort to separate himself from Bush’s epic failure and rewrite his story as the “maverick,” McCain’s speech was flat out conciliatory: He admitted to his vulnerability, being broken by his wartime captors, touched on the failures of his Republican party, and even reached out and embraced the commonalities between himself and Obama.

Although McCain’s military service is extraordinary, he can’t allow that experience to define him in this election and claim he now dislikes war. His policy record doesn’t correlate and his campaign is dependent on war.

The Republicans have failed and lost the trust of the people and Maverick McCain is calling his party out on it. Unfortunately, no specific plans followed to remedy those failures. The economy? Health care? Unemployment? Energy Crisis? Not a single one of these issues detailed.

Obama’s speech, thankfully offered specifics, and he also told of his own biography, but it didn’t carry his speech as it did highlight his roots. When he spoke of the night being his grandmother’s as well, there was instant recognition with anyone who’s sacrificed for the well being of another. And near the conclusion, he reminded us that we, the American people, are the ones who will decide this election.

McCain did have his own speech highlights that certainly found accord with his audience, especially when he slapped Obama as being our nation’s savior. But his supporters, or his friends as he so often says, showed their support the most when he touched upon Palin as his running mate.

When a VP gets more love than the top of the ticket, that’s a problem. The crowd did rally at the end when McCain said fight, stand, and fight some more about 30 times…again another link to his war history.

Most telling, however, is how each candidate chose to use their opportunity to reintroduce themselves to the country: Obama once again delivered on his ability to unify us to strive for a better future, while McCain offered a biography of an archetype hero and his belief that his past deeds will usher a new era of promise.

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  1. I saw on the news yesterday evening that Iran is poised to move in as soon as we move out. I guess if that was Obama’s goal, then “Mission Accomplished”. (It sure ain’t *my* goal for Iraq.)

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