Confessions of an ObamaVoter

Confessions of an ObamaVoter: This Joe is No Average VP

It’s official: Senator Joe Biden of Delaware is on the Barack Obama ticket for Vice President–and now its Blindie’s turn to weigh in with a classic pro/con list.


  • Experience in Washington. With 36 years in Senate, Biden brings a lot of Judiciary and Foreign relations accomplishments to the table. He’s been around long enough to know how to work the fat cats and get things done.
  • The ability to attract voters that are still skeptical of Obama. The primary wars with Hilary in Ohio and Pennsylvania exposed how xenophobia can be used for political advantage. Biden as VP, along with his own compelling story may alleviate the fabricated perception that Obama is unfamiliar and exotic to key voting blocks. Biden comes from a Pennsylvanian middle class, Irish Catholic background that brings some serious blue-collar cred to the ticket.
  • He will be a fierce attack dog. This analogy refers to Biden’s quality of being able to deliver harsh criticism to his opponents without sounding presumptuous. Biden will handcuff McCain to the Bush legacy, which will keep Obama out of the trenches and allow him to focus on campaigning for the people.
  • Other than a plagiarism charge and his share of off the cuff remarks, Biden is scandal and controversy free. Less drama for the Obama camp is key to winning this election.
  • He’s a decent human being. Senator Biden is a rare politician that lives without luxury and excess. The tragic accident that killed his wife and baby daughter also left his sons in critical condition: Biden commuted every night to his home by train in Wilmington Delaware from his work in D.C. to be with his sons and see them through to their full recovery. This reveals Biden’s compassion and character. He will be a welcome change to Cheney, a man who will have photo ops with his grandson but not with the mother, his lesbian daughter.


  • Biden keeps it real…and keeping it real can go wrong. Biden’s outspoken style has gotten him into trouble. Like, when he said of Obama, “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”
  • His years and experience in Washington. Critics will state that Biden is a Washington insider due to his long Senate tenure and this will undercut Obama’s message of change.
  • He voted to give Bush the authority to invade Iraq, which could clash with Obama’s opposition to Iraq from the start. To be fair, Biden has been critical of how Bush handled the war and has been at the forefront with the call for a withdrawal plan.

Overall, Biden will bring fire and wisdom to complement Obama’s youthful vitality and sound judgment. The Obama-Biden ticket will be an unstoppable political one-two punch!

PHOTO: Reuters

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