Race Matters Sports

Ga Ga: British Gymnast Louis “Loopy Lou” Smith

Louis Smith became the first British gymnast to win an individual medal in 100 years, after winning the bronze in the pommel horse finals on Sunday.

The mixed race 17 year-old, his father is Jamaican and his mother is white, hails from a village just outside of Peterborough in the eastern part of England. Nicknamed Loopy Lou as a child for being hyperactive, Smith followed in his older brother’s footsteps and began training at the Huntingdon Gymnastics Club at the tender age of four. He credits his skill on the pommel horse to his bad behavior as a child which was disciplined with 200 circles on the horse.

Smith acknowledges the significance of being a black man in the predominately white gymnastics field, “I like to feel I’m doing my roots proud.” The young gymnast who has a tattoo between his broad shoulders that reads “what I deserve, I earn” even sported a big afro last year as an example of his pride. “I want to revolutionize gymnastics” he declares.

Blindie is ga ga for the dashing Louis Smith whose skillful moves on the pommel horse are bringing sexy to gymnastics.

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