Day: August 13, 2008

Race Matters Sports

Segregated Seating At San Francisco Giants African American Heritage Night

In an attempt to lure African American fans to their games, the San Francisco Giants dropped the ball, offering a strange special seating area in a designated “African American Heritage section of the park.”

The team’s website boasts themed game nights (including nights for Italians, Latinos, Singles and Indians) where they offer discounted tickets and free goodies and gifts to fans. BUT, the selective seating area reminds Blindie of Jim Crow!

Why does the Jewish Heritage night have seating in the regular “heritage” section? Hmmm…seems like bad copy-editing on someone’s behalf–or someone wants to keep negroes at the back of the bus!

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Race Matters TV

Arsenio Hall’s TV Comeback: Hosting TV One’s ‘Blacklist’

African American cable network TV One is creating a five-hour special highlighting the achievements, moments and cultural movements that have advanced blacks and changed the course of history.

Arsenio Hall (pictured with then-presidential hopeful Bill Clinton in 1992) will host the humorously-named, The Blacklist: 100 Greatest Power Moves,which will broadly encompass everything from Thurgood Marshall’s induction into the Supreme Court to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

The special, which premieres on November 9th, includes commentary from Chuck D., Michaela Angela Davis, Russell Simmons, and ex-MTV Real Worlder-turned-“rising politician” Kevin Powell.

“Viewers love list shows,” TV One President and CEO Johnathan Rodgers said. “And at TV One we wanted to create one that would not only capture attention, but would provoke discussion…about the events, people and moments that have truly impacted American culture and even shaped our world, society and identity.”


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Fashion Ga Ga Models Movies

Ga Ga: Male Model Pierre Woods in Ralph Lauren Olympics Ad Campaign

New York Model Management’s Pierre Woods has got Blindie’s heart racing with his ads for The Olympic Collection by Ralph Lauren.

“To see yourself in an advertisement while you are walking down the street is kind of breathtaking,” the 26-year-old stunner recently said. “And it’s rewarding to know that you are being a part of something that’s above yourself. It’s something the entire country is sharing.”

Beyond his beauty, Woods has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Illinois State University on an athletic scholarship.

“He’s the next Tyson Beckford,” a source close to the model tells Blindie. Although he seems to be following Beckford’s Ralph Lauren footsteps, we’re also rooting for Wendell Lissimore.

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Color on the Cover ObamaNation Politics Race Matters

ObamaNation: New York Magazine Covers Race in Barack’s Presidential Campaign

Covering “The Impossible Conversation,” New York magazine analyzes the racial climate and politics surrounding the historical Barack Obama presidential campaign.

“Obama, after all, isn’t having trouble with African-American voters or Hispanic voters or young voters. Where he’s lagging is among white voters, and with older ones in particular,” John Heilemann boldly writes. “Call me crazy, but isn’t it possible, just possible, that Obama’s lead is being inhibited by the fact that he is, you know, black?”

In another article, “Black & Blacker,” Vanessa Grigoriadis writes about the racial politics of the Obama marriage. “She’s a type we’ve rarely seen in the public eye, a well-educated woman who is a dedicated mother, successful in her career, and happens to be black,” Grigoriadis observes. “This has created confusion for some people, who seem desperate to find a negative quality in her: She’s too big, too masculine, too much like a drag queen.”

Although Obama isn’t running on the platform of being black (he’s a multi-tiered human being, for chrissake, who grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia and is of Kenyan, African-American, and Caucasian descent), Blindie applauds the magazine for dedicating an entire issue to race.

Blindie particularly loves the article, “ObamaKids,” where the writer John McWhorter says, “If Obama becomes president, there will be a shift in the conception of race in this country that neither side in the culture wars can control. It’s all about youth. Think about it. If Obama is elected to two terms, an entire generation of 10-year-olds will come of age having been barely aware of anyone other than a black man in the White House.”

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Advertisements Fashion Ga Ga

Ga Ga: The Unveiling of Designer Patrick Robinson’s Fall Collection For Gap

Breathing new life into their brand, Gap has released its fall marketing campaign under the helm of designer Patrick Robinson, the company’s executive vice president of design.

The ads, which promote Robinson’s first full collection, feature Liv Tyler, Ginnifer Goodwin, Hugh Dancy, and Sean Avery. With Robinson’s talent and this new campaign, Gap is hoping to get out of its recent sales slump.

“If you look at his work,” Gary Muto, who oversees adult apparel for Gap, told Business Week, “there is a consistent handwriting and point of view.”

Of the company’s decline in sales, Robinson adds, “It wasn’t being Gap.”

Blindie has been ga ga over Robinson for years, following his design career through stints with Anne Klein, Giorgio Armani, Perry Ellis and Paco Rabanne.

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Accolades Blindie Exclusives Chanel Iman Fashion Models Race Matters TV Tyra Banks

Blindie EXCLUSIVE: Chanel Iman Gives Tyra and Italian Vogue Black Models Puzzle-Piece Necklaces

Returning a gift that Tyra Banks gave her, Blindie’s favorite model Chanel Iman gave all the models at Tuesday’s celebration of Italian Vogue‘s black issue puzzle-piece necklaces.

The necklaces, which are replicas of the ones Tyra gave Chanel last October on her show, are matching puzzle pieces that symbolize their shared struggle of opening doors in the fashion industry.

“I want you to wear this because we are just two puzzle pieces in this struggle for black models,” Tyra told Chanel last year. “So whenever you feel like, “Oh, God! I’m so tired…They didn’t accept me for this because I’m a black model.’ Just know that you’re just one piece toward us becoming a complete puzzle.”

Blindie thinks diversity in modeling is Tyra’s new crusade—just like her 2007 “So What?!” positive body image campaign.

PHOTO: Courtesy The Tyra Banks Show

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ObamaNation Politics Race Matters TV

ObamaNation: George Lopez Campaigns To Be Barack’s Vice President

George Lopez has “been out there with Barack Obama trying to get voters to register and vote” for selfish reasons, the comedic actor said on the The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.

“He hasn’t nominated a Vice President yet,” Lopez, who is starring as a priest investigating miracles in Henry Poole Is Here with Luke Wilson, said. “I would bring (to the Vice Presidency) not only the Nick at Nite audience and great salsa music, I would make Carlos Santana Secretary of State.”

The groundbreaking comedian, who was the first Latino to lead a TV series successfully (besides Desi Arnaz of I Love Lucy), also made Time magazine’s 25 Most Influential Hispanics list.

“I put that list together…I’m going to come clean right now,” he said. “I admire Jenifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas, who were named. Erik Estrada should have been on there!” he joked. “I would have put him somewhere in the high 80’s.”


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