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Ga Ga: Jason Momoa of Stargate Atlantis (and Lisa Bonet) Fame

The recent reemergence of Lisa Bonet in entertainment has brought our attention to Jason Momoa, the strikingly handsome man she has been seen strolling around with.

Born Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa, this 6’4″ Hawaii native is a regular on Stargate Atlantis and touts the shows Baywatch (2003) and North Shore (2004-2005), and the film Johnson Family Vacation (2004) on his resume.

Despite such a short resume, Momoa boasts countless fansites and blogs with forums discussing everything from his dreadlocks (which he cut due to the strain it caused on his neck and he now wears a dread-wig for Atlantis) to his new baby Lola Lolani with Lisa Bonet. There’s also a site where Momoa fans can purchase mugs and t-shirts!

Previously engaged to actress Jade McKinnon, the 29-year-old actor is 11 years younger than girlfriend Bonet (go Lisa!) and together they make Brad and Angelina look downright homely. They’re also our new (ethnic) Bruce and Demi after Lenny Kravitz joined them and their baby at a dinner last year to celebrate Bonet’s birthday.

Blindie is ga ga for Jason Momoa, his relationship with Lisa Bonet and their daughter Lola Iolani (although Zoe Kravitz still has our hearts!)

7 thoughts on “Ga Ga: Jason Momoa of Stargate Atlantis (and Lisa Bonet) Fame

  1. well, i don’t think he and lisa really match, but OMG, he’s SO MAMN HOT. he’s officially my new opssession.

  2. Found you on Jason Momoas’ Official Site and had to give two thumbs up! Didn’t even know he had a baby… then again, I’m brand spankin’ new to the world of Atlantis.

  3. Hi, lovely post on this lucky couple. I do believe, however, that their daughter’s name is Lola Iolani, not Lola Lolani. Great photo of Jason, he is striking.

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