Fashion Race Matters

Italian Vogue‘s Black Issue: Is Diversity A Passing Fad Or Lasting Staple

Will the best-selling Italian Vogue “Black Issue” really ignite change in the fashion industry, CNN asks in a recent article.

“All the agents were happy about the issue because it gives us hope that other people will catch on and decide that it’s OK to use more black girls,” Carlos Ojeda, an agent at New York Models, tells CNN. “It’s OK to have more than just one, and she doesn’t have to always be Naomi.”

But many are still skeptical that the issue is merely a fad, like the skinny-model debate which was ignited when Spain banned ultra-waifs from the runway in 2006.

“Let’s see if Italian Vogue is going to be able to live up to the standards that they’ve now set,” one prominent stylist said. “You can’t have an issue with all black girls, pat yourself on the back and say ‘that’s it for the year.’ “

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