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BeKANYE Ads On Subway Are Actually Absolut Endorsements

While getting to work this morning, Blindie was bombarded by an ad on the subway. It was a hair-club-for-men type poster that featured a BEFORE shot of a balding, white middle-age man and an AFTER shot of Kanye West proclaiming: “Be someone else! Be KANYE!”

The cheestatic ads also featured a woman with a fizzy drink proclaiming, “Show me your Kanye!” According to the ad, two “fast-acting tablets” (with the initials “KW” etched on the surface) “can transform anyone into Kanye West.”

After jottiing down the website, Blindie rushed to see what this was actually promoting. We had the suspicion that the slogan, “Now any time can be Kanye time in an ABSOLUT world,” would direct us to alcohol. And it did.

Dubbed Campaign BeKanye, the ads are a viral sensation for Absolut vodka. “We offer our artists a lot of creative leeway,” Ian Crystal, brand director at Absolut, New York, said of the campaign which launch in mid-July. “Kanye’s a natural actor. He’s really fun. He’s got a good sense of humor.”

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