Day: August 7, 2008


Pac-Man Coming To A Theater Near You?

Children of the eighties rejoice! Word on the video game street is that former Marvel Studios chairman Avi Arad is planning to bring arcade powerhouse Pac-Man to the big screen.

The big yellow mouth will be made into a live-action character, an arcade geek (what else?) who will transform into Pac-Man and “use his Pac-Man powers to do the right thing,” Arad tells Fortune magazine.

Arad has herded countless comic book superheroes to the screen, including Spider-Man, Blade and Fantastic Four, but turning a video game into a film might be a bigger challenge with such flops as Super Mario Brothers (which still makes Nintendo fans cringe).

Let’s just hope the film, which is expected to chomp its way across movie screens in 2010, is nothing like this Pac-Man movie spoof.

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STUDY: Beauty Salons No Longer Just for Gossip, Tracks & Bootlegs

In a new study researchers used beauty shops to educate African American women about stroke warning signs and risk factors, according to Reuters.

To spread the word about strokes, researchers from the University of Cincinnati implemented an educational intervention for hairdressers and their clients in Cincinnati and Atlanta-area salons.

“Our results suggest that the beauty shop is a potentially excellent educational setting for stroke and other health issues for black women and should be used in future studies,” the researchers conclude about black women who tend to be widely uninformed about their high-risk factor for heart disease.

Blindie wonders whether the researchers even considered performing their study in church. Do black women really spend that much time at the salon?

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Fashion Race Matters

Italian Vogue‘s Black Issue: Is Diversity A Passing Fad Or Lasting Staple

Will the best-selling Italian Vogue “Black Issue” really ignite change in the fashion industry, CNN asks in a recent article.

“All the agents were happy about the issue because it gives us hope that other people will catch on and decide that it’s OK to use more black girls,” Carlos Ojeda, an agent at New York Models, tells CNN. “It’s OK to have more than just one, and she doesn’t have to always be Naomi.”

But many are still skeptical that the issue is merely a fad, like the skinny-model debate which was ignited when Spain banned ultra-waifs from the runway in 2006.

“Let’s see if Italian Vogue is going to be able to live up to the standards that they’ve now set,” one prominent stylist said. “You can’t have an issue with all black girls, pat yourself on the back and say ‘that’s it for the year.’ “

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Beyonce Fashion Race Matters

L’Oreal Denies Bleaching Beyonce’s Skin

L’Oreal has been catching flack for a Feria hair color ad that features singing sensation Beyonce Knowles with a noticeably lighter complexion.

The cosmetics conglomerate denies any whitewashing of the star’s skintone. “It is categorically untrue that L’Oréal Paris altered Ms. Knowles’ features or skin-tone in the campaign for Feria hair color.”

Ironically, there have been no complaints about Beyonce’s hair looking unnatural.

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Food Race Matters Tyra Banks

New Study Reveals All African American Women Could Be Overweight By 2034

By 2034, all African American women are expected to be overweight or obese, according to a health study published in the research journal, Obesity.

Currently, 78 percent of black women are presently overweight or obese. Mexican American men come in a close second, with 90 percent expected to be overweight in 2034.

By 2030, about 86 percent of all Americans are expected to be overweight. Dr. Lan Liang, one of the researchers on the study, points out that “genetically and physiologically, it should be impossible” for all U.S. adults to become overweight, but adds “that is the direction we’re going.”

The findings are based on government survey data collected between 1970 and 2004 and the current trends in diet.

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Advertisements Kanye West Media Music

BeKANYE Ads On Subway Are Actually Absolut Endorsements

While getting to work this morning, Blindie was bombarded by an ad on the subway. It was a hair-club-for-men type poster that featured a BEFORE shot of a balding, white middle-age man and an AFTER shot of Kanye West proclaiming: “Be someone else! Be KANYE!”

The cheestatic ads also featured a woman with a fizzy drink proclaiming, “Show me your Kanye!” According to the ad, two “fast-acting tablets” (with the initials “KW” etched on the surface) “can transform anyone into Kanye West.”

After jottiing down the website, Blindie rushed to see what this was actually promoting. We had the suspicion that the slogan, “Now any time can be Kanye time in an ABSOLUT world,” would direct us to alcohol. And it did.

Dubbed Campaign BeKanye, the ads are a viral sensation for Absolut vodka. “We offer our artists a lot of creative leeway,” Ian Crystal, brand director at Absolut, New York, said of the campaign which launch in mid-July. “Kanye’s a natural actor. He’s really fun. He’s got a good sense of humor.”

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Fashion Project Runway TV

Project Runway: Let The Bickering Begin

Speed skater and Dancing With The Stars winner Apolo Ohno presented an Olympic challenge to the Project Runway designers. As the couturiers scrambled to pull an athletic ensemble together, Blindie was finally reminded of why we tune in religiously: the bickering!

Joe almost lost his cool when he found out Daniel re-threaded his machine with red thread (gasp!). Terri almost snapped when Keith hovered over her fabric at Mood, saying, “A sistah gotta keep one eye open. That’s all I’m saying.” And everyone seems to be annoyed with Kenley’s cackling laughter, with Jerrell proclaiming, “Somebody get this girl a muzzle!”

But the gold medal for the episode went to judge Nina Garcia, who said of Jerrell’s wacky ensemble (complete with floppy polka-dot hat), “I’m looks like Mary had a little lamb!” Judge Michael Kors took the silver for describing Daniel’s inappropriate cocktail dress as the “republic of cocktail land.”

We can’t help but dispense some advice to the designers:

Korto: You just won a challenge, so learn how to smile! The sad sulky look is not going to win you the cash-worthy fan-favorite award.

Jerrell: This isn’t a Galliano runway show. Save the whimsical costume designs for the couture challenge.

Joe: Stop complaining about the queens in the room. Who do you think runs the fashion industry? You better learn how to tolerate the tranny fierceness that is Queendom!

Blayne: Quit talking about tanning. On second thought, just stop talking!

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