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Samuel Jackson Fights Kerry Washington’s Miscegenation in Lakeview Terrace

In the upcoming thriller Lakeview Terrace, Samuel L. Jackson plays a veteran LAPD police officer who doesn’t care for his new neighbors, played by the beautiful Kerry Washington and the equally stunning Patrick Wilson. Jackson’s character primarily doesn’t like the incoming yuppies because they are an interracial married couple.

“It was a different take, something that is not often portrayed,” James Lassiter, who with Will Smith produced the film, told the Los Angeles Times. Race, Lassiter added, “is not the singular driver of [Turner’s] hate. But he is a racist.”

“People will say they are not voting for [Barack Obama] because he’s black, but of course they are. They have no idea what his platform is,” Jackson said of the topical nature of the film. “Race is an issue that everybody thinks about but you avoid talking about.”

Speaking of race: Lakeview Terrace, which opens September 19, also refers to the neighborhood where Rodney King was beaten by police in 1991.

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