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Janelle Monae on James Brown: ‘There is No Other Performer Like Him Today’

With her current project, Metropolis, being released in four separate “suites,” Janelle Monae took the time to talk to the S.F. Fashion Examiner about her musical tastes, clothing style and inspiration.

Here’s a snippet of her ode to the late James Brown–the Godfather of Soul.

“I love James Brown,” she said. “There is no other performer like him today. I don’t think there will be another performer like him.”

“I really loved his humanitarian characteristics. He was a philanthropist. He cared about his community,” the Kansas-native added. “For me, I have a core value that I strongly stick to–I have a responsibility to my community and other young girls…James Brown is someone I always looked up to because he never got too detached from his community and his upbringing. He made sure he always stayed connected to the people.”

Check out the complete interview.

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