Lightspeed Champion’s Devonte Hynes is our newest obsession. The former “Test Icicles” (get it?) bandmember was born in Houston, Texas, raised in Essex, England and is the perfect mix of a variety of music personalities: he sings a bit like Coldplay’s Chris Martin, talks kind of like Jimi Hendrix, and looks sort of like a bearded Kanye West.

The self-professed comic book lover named himself after a mathematical character he used to draw as a 13-year old and infuses haunting songs of loneliness and galaxies with a little bit of country.

We are ga ga for this oddly coiffed mellow musician and the singles “Galaxy Of The Lost” and “Tell Me What It’s Worth” from his latest album Falling Off The Lavender Bridge.

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Fox News has consistently rubbed not only Barack Obama supporters the wrong way, but African Americans in general with irresponsible reporting that resembles a racial smear campaign.

From on-air graphics calling Michelle Obama, “Obama’s baby mama,” and confusing Barack with “Osama” then joking the pair should be assassinated, to calling Barack and Michelle’s fist bump a ‘terrorist fist jab,‘ Fox News is proving they are far from being “fair and balanced.”

Two political organizations dedicated to representing the voice of the people, and are calling on Fox News to stop the racial smears with a petition signed by over a half a million people.

Rap artist Nas is expected to deliver the petition to Fox today.

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In an editorial for Tampa Bay’s newspapers, Tuesdays With Morrie author Mitch Albom ponders what could have angered Rev. Jesse Jackson so much as to threaten to cut Barack Obama’s “nuts off” on national TV.

After discovering that Obama did not “insult Jackson’s mother” or “rip Jackson’s manhood,” Albom writes:

“I must confess, I have long wondered what Jesse Jackson stands for besides Jesse Jackson. We in the media have been far too lazy in sticking a microphone in front of Jackson any time we think there is a ‘black’ issue that needs commenting, as if he were somehow voted in by the black population as its official spokesman.”

Touché, Mr. Albom.

On that note: Please check out Blindie’s “Al Sharpton Says” series.


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