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ObamaNation: Michelle ‘Normalizes Black Women’


A group of black women business owners in Detroit are rejoicing over Michelle Obama, whom they say “normalizes black women,” according to the Detroit Free Press.

“This whole thing about Michelle Obama being a mad black woman is utterly ridiculous,” says Mandisa Smith, a jewelry designer and fine arts appraiser who belongs to the Spiral Collective.

Adding that black women are often paid less than any other demographic, regardless of credentials, Smith says, “But as far as I’m concerned, black women have a right to be mad.”

The Detroit-based group says Obama knocks down old stereotypes of black women, from the Sapphire (the angry black woman) to Mammy (the nurturer).

“So Michelle comes along and she completely dispels all that,” Janet Jones says. “She represents someone who came from humble beginnings to achieve a high level of education. She has a strong self-identity as a female.”

PHOTO: Reuters

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