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Black Sorority Sister Calls Characterization of Michelle Obama “Nothing New”

Having read Sunday’s Washington Post, Blindie felt the urge to post an excerpt from a column titled, “ONE OF US: Black. Female. Accomplished. Attacked.”

Referencing the The New Yorker‘s controversial cover of the Obamas, the writer–a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority–calls the characterization of Michelle Obama as an “Angela-Davis-Afro-wearing, machine-gun-toting, angry, unpatriotic” black woman “nothing new to professional African American women. We endure this type of labeling all the time”:

Welcome to our world.

We’ve watched with a mixture of pride and trepidation as the wife of the first serious African American presidential contender has weathered recent campaign travails — being called unpatriotic for a single offhand remark, dubbed a black radical because of something she wrote more than 20 years ago and plastered with the crowning stereotype: “angry black woman.” And then being forced to undergo a politically mandated “makeover” to soften her image and make her more palatable to mainstream America.


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