Day: July 15, 2008


YouTube Fights For Your Right To Broadcast

Earlier this month, a judge ordered Google to turn over user data for YouTube as part of a $1 billion copyright infringement lawsuit by Viacom and a class-action group led by the Football Association of England.

Viacom and the other parties of the lawsuit agreed to accept a stripped down version of the logs–with user names and computer Internet protocol addresses removed–after YouTube and privacy advocate groups balked at the request.

On Monday, YouTube said, “We remain committed to protecting your privacy and we’ll continue to fight for your right to share and broadcast your work on YouTube.”

In addition to the viewer logs, Viacom is seeking damages and an injunction prohibiting Google and YouTube from further infringement.

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Color on the Cover Fashion Media

Kohl: The World’s Most Expensive Magazine

Just when you thought the most expensive magazine in the world was the phonebook-sized Fall issue of an imported European fashion mag, the United Arab Emirates one-ups everyone with a special edition of Kohl magazine–the UAE’s first monthly magazine geared towards Asian Women.

Kohl’s one-off issue is covered in an astounding 91 grams of gold, encrusted with a whopping 622 diamonds and valued at $10,000 USD. The pricey mag–which features cover girl, Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, who was voted No. 1 in FHM India’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll–will be auctioned to raise money for the Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre.

Launched in March, Kohl’s editor Faarah Mehta says, “The magazine is stylish, smart and very relevant to the Asian culture. It sieves through all the information and tailors it to effortlessly fit the Asian woman. Kohl is about defining, representing and inspiring women from an Asian background, now living in the region.”

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Accolades Sports

Brad Daugherty: First African-American NASCAR Owner

Former Cleveland Cavaliers player and ESPN NASCAR race analyst, Brad Daugherty, is the first African-American owner of a NASCAR team in the sport’s top series, according to the Asheville Citizen-Times.

The 42-year-old North Carolina native announced that he has become a partner in JTG Racing. JTG/Daugherty Racing will have a Sprint Cup Series ride in 2009 with driver Marcus Ambrose.

“I’m proud that I’m the first African-American owner at this level,” Daugherty said. “I co-founded NASCAR’s Diversity council about 15 years ago, and a lot of people have spent a lot of time to make this sport more inclusive. I hope this will open some doors for more minorities to become involved in this great sport. I love NASCAR and I’m ready to go racin’.”

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Color on the Cover Eva Mendes Movies Race Matters

Color on the Cover: Eva Mendes’ Hot Interview

The recently-rehabbed actress Eva Mendes appears on the August cover of Interview magazine. Mendes, who is also the newest face for Calvin Klein Underwear, not only looks stunning in her steamy covershot, she also talks about some serious issues in the pop culture magazine.

Mendes, who made history with Will Smith in 2005’s Hitch, says of racism in Hollywood:

“What makes it frustrating is when a director or a studio head doesn’t see me for the same part that they’ll see, let’s say, Drew Barrymore for. Drew’s a great friend of mine. But it’s like, ‘No, we want more of an American type of girl.’ And it’s like, America has opened up. I’m an American girl, born and raised.”

And being Latina in Hollywood isn’t necessarily easy, but she doesn’t call it a challenge:

“I would never call it a challenge. I think being a woman in Hollywood is a big enough challenge. It really is, man. I don’t want to be one of those people who complain. But the lack of roles out there–it’s unbelievable. I read a lot of scripts….But there are many times that being Latin has actually helped me, being a Cuban-American has helped me.”

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Accolades Africa Leona Lewis Politics Will Smith

Second Mandela Bash Planned For South Africa

In response to the high wattage, celebrity-sprinkled (Will Smith, Amy Winehouse, and Leona Lewis performed) pre-birthday concert bash held in London’s Hyde Park on June 27th to mark Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday, South Africa’s political party, the African National Congress, is bringing the celebration back to “the people.”

ANC Secretary-General Gwede Mantashe says, “The people and the society made Mandela, not London or Houghton. That is why we want his birthday to be celebrated by the people.”

Mantashe has announced plans for a rally in Pretoria, South Africa on August 2nd that would include performances by local artists paying tribute to one of the key figures of the South African liberation struggle. This week also marks the 10-year anniversary of Mandela’s marriage to third wife Graca Machel, the former wife of Mozambique president Samora Machel.

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Christie’s To Auction James Brown’s Hair Curlers

A judge has given the OK to auction the possessions of the late James Brown, according to the New York Times.

Nearly 350 items belonging to the Godfather of Soul, including hair curlers, outfits and a green vinyl sofa, will be auctioned at New York’s Christie’s International on Thursday. The sale is expected to make up to $2 million.

The legendary funk singer died from congestive heart failure on Christmas Day 2006. He was 73.


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