Cynthia McKinney Nabs Green Party Presidential Nomination

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, 53, has been nominated as the presidential candidate for the liberal environmentalist Green Party, according to CNN.

Green Party spokeswoman Scott McLarty said McKinney, who represented a suburban Atlanta, Georgia, district for six terms as a Democrat, getting to the White House is a “long shot,” but said, “Every vote that she gets helps the Green Party.”

“The United States needs an alternative party,” McLarty said. “The narrow two-party system we have right now has not served us very well.”

The most successful Green party presidential nominee was Ralph Nader, who, in 2000, drew nearly 3 percent of the vote. Nader is running again this year as an independent.

FLASHBACK: In 2006, Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post columnist Robin Givhan dedicated an entire column to McKinney’s hair, which “appeared to be standing all over her head” during a press conference called by McKinney, who attempted to explain an altercation she had with a police officer.


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