Day: July 9, 2008


Bermuda’s Mishka Goes Jamaican

There are some things from Bermuda that make you scratch your head—for example, the Bermuda triangle or Bermuda shorts. So, it was no surprise when we discovered Bermuda’s latest conundrum, new music artist Mishka.

Upon first listen, Mishka sounds like a reggae artist from Jamaica—or at least someone channeling Bob Marley! With uplifting lyrics about love and deliverance and a sound reminiscent of The Wailers, the Bermuda native even affects a Jamaican accent.

We originally stumbled upon Mishka’s music while trolling through Matthew McConaughey’s website for…ahem, research…and learned that he wrote the song “Coastline Journey” for McConaughey’s upcoming film Surfer Dude.

All affectations aside, Mishka’s a good listen.

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Africa Fashion Ga Ga

Ga Ga: Designer Adama Kargbo Makes Fashion, Not War

Escaping the confines of civil war, Sierra Leone native Adama Kargbo, 24, has spun the wounds from her country and the skills she sharpened at the prestigious Parsons the New School for Design into a couture line.

Called Aschobi, Kargbo’s high-end line is based in Freetown, the capitol of her war-shattered West African country, according to GOOD Magazine, which says her “clothes give traditional African style an urban twist.”

On her line’s Facebook page, Kargbo describes her mission as seeking to “Africanize the fashion industry, removing the African from exotic to everyday while at the same time continuing the legacy of African Couture as was begun in Dakar and Bamako in the 1950s.”

PHOTO: Henry Jacobson

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Ga Ga Music

Ga Ga: J*Davey Releases Double LP

The duo J*Davey (Jack Davey & Brook D’Leau), which has been praised by ?Questlove as the “swift kick in the ass I’ve been praying for black music to produce,” partied and performed Tuesday night at their double EP release party for their latest effort, The Beauty in Distortion/The Land of the Lost, at The Echo Park in L.A.

Their fusion of soul-based melodies, electro-funk and New Wave is beyond categorization of Neo-Soul or R&B—they’ve created their own trail mix of influences from Prince to Peter Gabriel. “We’re the black Eurythmics,” D’Leau said in 2006.

Although the twosome formed J*Davey in 1999, it was their single, “Mr. Mister,” featuring Jack Davey straddling a mannequin in black lingerie—that had the Internet buzzing.

We’re currently ga ga for their song, “Turn the Lights Out“, and for this YouTube clip of Jack Davey’s (real name: Briana Cartwright) former life as an Assistant Music Producer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

PHOTO: Courtesy of J*Davey by Pablo Aguilar

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