Day: July 5, 2008

Ga Ga Music Santogold

Ga Ga: Sipping Papaya-Mango Juice With Santogold

Santi White, better known as Santogold, let the New York Times follow her as she was out for a night on the town.

Decked out in “tight white pants, an oversize yellow shirt and black Reebok high-tops with rainbow stripes and a gold slash,” the 32-year-old poly-genre singer was out at a Mexican restaurant near her home in Fort Greene, Brooklyn with friends (including April Roomet, a stylist for Snoop Dogg).

“I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I don’t smoke and I don’t drink after someone drinks my drink,” Santogold, who drank papaya-mango juice, said.

Next up for Santogold: a free concert at the Central Park SummerStage in NYC on July 20 before accompanying Coldplay on tour.

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Europe Lewis Hamilton Sports

Lewis Hamilton’s Formula For Wealth

Despite the fact that he suffered a setback in his run to win a home victory at the British Grand Prix, Britain’s Formula One race car driver Lewis Hamilton is proving to be a shrewd businessman.

In October 2007, he announced plans to relocate from England to Switzerland for more privacy, but the almost 95% tax break he would receive in the neutral country sounds like a bigger incentive.

The U.K.’s Telegraph reports Hamilton is in the midst of brokering a luxury hotel deal in his family’s hometown of Grenada, investing millions in an existing hotel with plans to buy up surrounding government-owned land.

Did we mention he also has lucrative endorsement deals with Reebok and Tag Heuer?

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