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GIMME FIVE: Reasons To Love “How To Get Away With Murder”

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There are so many reasons to love Shonda Rhimes latest hit drama on television, but these are Blindie’s top five!

1 – Billy Brown – He’s got the body of a boxer and the voice of a Marine! Seriously, he’s the voice from the Marines commercial. Before going downtown on Viola Davis in the first episode of “How To Get Away With Murder,” Mr. Brown starred in the psychotic series “Dexter,” the short-lived “Hostages,” and  “Sons of Anarchy,” among other shows.

Bonus Points: He voices characters in numerous video games – “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,” “Full Spectrum Warrior,” “The Matrix: Path of Neo,” among others.


2 – Alfred Enoch – He’s bi-racial, British and adorable, need we say more? Oh yeah, he’s a Hogwart student, a Gryffindor to be exact, in fact he’s starred in all of the Harry Potter films as Dean Thomas.

"The Making of Harry Potter" Warners Bros. Studio Tour Grand Opening in Leavesden on March 30, 2012

3 – The Straight, White Male as Minority – There are so many ethnic and homosexual, and ethnic, homosexual characters that it puts the two lone, straight, white, main characters in the minority -Asher Millstone and Sam Keating portrayed by Matt McGorry and Tom Verica, respectively. Yes, Blindie is loving that concept a lot.

4 – The Twitter Controversy – People Magazine did some live tweeting during the premiere of How To Get Away With Murder and made a huge misstep. While they were paying homage to one of Viola Davis’ well-received films, they temporarily forgot that she was portraying a maid for a deeply racist employer during segregation time in said film and used her Jim Crow educated character’s grammatically incorrect quote. Yeah, like we all wanted to be reminded that Viola Davis plays a really good segregation-era maid while we are trying to enjoy her portrayal of an educated and powerful attorney.


5 – The Twitter Apology – People Magazine eventually realized the massive faux pas and not only deleted the insensitive tweet bbut also issued an apology.



Color on the Cover: Rihanna’s Domestic Violence Drama with Chris Brown on People Mag

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Rihanna‘s Nightmare” is the tag line to a haunting image of the R&B/Pop singer on the cover of People magazine’s latest issue.

The tabloid of record takes readers inside the “arguments, jealousy and hotel-room trashing” between Rihanna and Chris Brown that “led to the violence”!

While Star magazine wins the sensation headline contest (“I Still Love Him!”), Blindie can’t help but to believe People‘s credibility on the leak-proof case!


Lewis Hamilton, Will Smith, And Other Blindie Favorites Make PEOPLE Magazine’s Sexiest Man List

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Australian hardbody Hugh Jackman has nabbed PEOPLE magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” title while a bevy of diverse actors, athletes and musicians show up in some pretty sexy categories.

Among PEOPLE magazine’s Sexy men of color are Seven Pound’s Will Smith and Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal in the “20 Sexy Superstars” category

Rapper turned actor Bow Wow tops the sexy “21 Club,” while Tyson Beckford shows up on the “Sexy Bearded Guys” list and former L.A. Law man and current star of Dirty Sexy Money Blair Underwood is crowned “Sexiest TV Veteran.”

Private Practice star Taye Diggs lands in the new category “Sexy Scents,” which comes with a scratch and sniff feature on the page.

On the international front, China-born concert pianist Lang Lang, British singer Seal and his compatriot Formula One race car driver Lewis Hamilton also make the Sexy list.

The sexy surprises are U.S. Treasury Department’s Neel Kashkari, and Olympian decathlete Bryan Clay.

Color on the Cover: President-Elect Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle on US Weekly

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First there was the Barack Obama People Magazine cover, now there’s the Barack AND Michelle Obama Us Weekly cover!

During his acceptance speech Tuesday in Chicago, Obama called Michelle, “the rock of our family and the love of my life,” and Us went with that angle, documenting their political journey together as a couple.

“Did she like the fact that he was away from his children [Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7] so much? No,” former colleague Denny Jacobs tells the magazine in its latest issue. “He enjoys all this much more.”

Color on the Cover: Barack Obama’s Historic Presidency Subject of Latest People Cover

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People magazine dedicates their latest cover to Barack Obama’s historic win for the highest office in our nation.

“For even as we celebrate tonight,” Obama, 47, said at his victory rally in Chicago, “We know that the challenges that tomorrow will bring are the greatest of our lifetime.”

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