WATCH THIS: Short and Romantic on a Low Budget

Don’t let the name fool you, this independent short is less about romance and more about urban gentrification. Two people ruminate over a recent stabbing in one of those typical conversations where a local tries to scare a newbie with tales of the neighborhoods criminal past, complete with references to rap songs and mayhem in a third world country.

Written and directed by Neil Drumming and starring Gbenga Akinnagbe and Sofia Regan, Romantic was produced on a shoe-string budget. Shot on HD with a Canon HV30 in a studio, the short makes use of some creative production by subbing actual urban streets for a green screen backdrop and some photography of stereotpical Brooklyn shots -brownstones, graffiti, bodegas, and of course a liquor store.

Media Overhype: Did Obama Call Tiger Woods and offer support?

Either you’re outraged to hear that President Barack Obama is busy calling Tiger Woods to console him during his time of sexual scandal instead of fixing the healthcare plan OR you can sniff out media hype a mile away.

Apparently the rumor that Obama “made a personal call to offer encouragement” to Woods, has been traced back to Golf Digest, as reported by, don’t worry it’s been expunged already (ah, the convenience of online reporting), but not before a ton of blogs ran with the story, including

Latest rumor has it, Bill Clinton called Tiger. Now that we can believe -the man has been known to make bad choices, and even ran with that story!

Video Virus: Old Spice Brings New Fame to Isaiah Mustafa

The latest Old Spice commercial featuring a very cute, deep-voiced, ex-football player, tickets to that thing you love, a beach, and a horse is an internet sensation.

While the grandfather-reminiscent, musky-scented bodywash probably won’t make your man appear manlier, it is amassing over 3 million hits on Youtube, and launching the actor Isaiah Mustafa into the pop culture lexicon. The Early Show on CBS even got in on the viral video action and had the first sit-down with the actor.

LISTEN UP: Sade’s new album Soldier of Love Tops the Charts

Sade conveniently dropped her new album in time for the Valentine’s day weekend and it quickly shot up the Billboard charts to #1 where it has remained for two weeks. Is anyone surprised? Not us. Helen Folasade Adu’s voice is just as sultry and rich as when she debuted as Sade in 1984, and her songs are timeless ballads of love and heartbreak. Buy it. Download it. Listen to it.

WATCH THIS: The Underworld of Egypt’s Trash Collectors revealed in Garbage Dreams

Independent filmmaker Mai Iskander delves into the lives of three teenage trash collectors living in Egypt. Known as the Zaballeen (Arabic for garbage people) Adham (17), Osama (16), and Nabil (18) are faced with life-changing choices as the city seeks to replace them with a multinational garbage disposal company.

Iskander reveals the touching stories of these three boys and reveals the hidden world of Cairo’s Zaballeen, who for generations have collected the city’s garbage.

Winner of 17 awards, including the Jury Prize at the Dubai International film festival and Best Documentary at South by Southwest, Garbage Dreams has been held over at the IFC theater in New York for a second wee until January 26th.

Dreams sheds light on the people that make a living on the by-products of our disposable world.

Blindie highly recommends you watch this film!

LISTEN UP: New Artist Bousal Debuts Music of My Soul

The promising new artist Bousal debuts his first album today, Music of My Soul, showcasing his penchant for “lyrical expressionism” through an eclectic array of tracks that he describes as influences of vintage reggae, blues, and “DJ chatting.

Bousal prides himself on his songwriting skills and says “I just want to be known as a man who has strong lyrics” and even confesses his mother once told him, ‘you don’t know how to sing but you know how to express yourself.’

A self-trained singer, Bousal began performing while attending high school in Brooklyn, playing small clubs and parties in the neighborhood. His favorite artists are as varied as his musical styles as he lists reggae artist Buju Banton, Blues men B.B. King and Buddy Guy, and even Frank Sinatra among his top five -perhaps a sign that this artist  won’t allow himself to be pigeon-holed into one genre.

Independently produced by Etop “Segaffi” Akpabio, Music is a nice departure from the usual over-produced music from mainstream labels and their stylized artists and delivers that edgy unfettered realness that only an indie album from an artist-on-the-rise can offer.

Music of My Soul is available at and on iTunes.