Donald Glover is giving some fine and smooth iridescent glow on the Black Panther purple carpet in a 90s looking Dolce & Gabbana suit.  

Donald Glover is giving some fine and smooth iridescent glow on the Black Panther purple carpet in a 90s looking Dolce & Gabbana suit.  

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Black Panther: Donald Glover Gets Iridescent On The Purple Carpet

Donald Glover is giving some fine and smooth iridescent glow on the Black Panther purple carpet in a 90s looking Dolce & Gabbana suit.  

Black Panther: Janelle Monae Is QUEEN! YASSS!

Janelle Monae chose a regal attire, complete with crown, for her turn on the Black Panther purple carpet in L.A. on Monday. Monae completed the Christian Siriano gown with a crown.  

Angela Bassett On FIYAH At Black Panther Premiere

This queen right here is 59 years old! Yes, you read it right FIFTY. NINE. YEARS. OLD. Angela Bassett demonstrated just how uncrackable her Black is when took to the Black Panther purple carpet in a golden sunshine-yellow Naeem Khan jumpsuit, LeSilla shoes, a Thalé Blanc panther-motif clutch and jewelry by Vendorafa, Gismondi 1754, One Six, Darrell Roach and Dorrian. Bassett plays Ramonda, T’Challa’s stepmother and the Queen Mother of Wakanda in the Marvel film Black Panther.  

Hunger Games‘ Jack Quaid & Latina Feminist Dior Vargas Raise Awareness of Income Inequality on Mental Health

Sometimes Hollywood recognizes social ills and tries to lend a hand -that’s what’s happening here. Check out these two videos and learn more about income inequality’s impact on mental health. Share stories on social media with #MyHungerGames. Jack Quaid (Hunger Games, Vinyl) wants you to join Project UROK and the Harry Potter Alliance in fighting the stigma around mental illness and economic inequality. We want to hear from you! How has economic inequality impacted your mental health experience? Use the hashtag #MyHungerGames to tell your story on social media, and visit our website to learn how to make a video for Project UROK and the #MyHungerGames blog.  -Project UROK What is #MyHungerGames? Based on 2014’s social media conversations around the Mockingjay movie release and the real life impact of economic inequality, the #MyHungerGames blog will serve as a place to learn about how economic inequality impacts real people in areas like mental health, criminal justice, the environment, and more. It will also serve as a call to action, offering opportunities to visitors to help decrease the stigma and increase access to mental health services in their communities. Throughout The Hunger Games series, many characters deal with mental illness. Katniss’ mother lives with depression, Haymitch struggles with addiction, Peeta becomes dissociated from reality, and Katniss struggles with PTSD following her time in the arena. Yet throughout the series, there seem to be no mental health resources available. In Panem’s poorest districts, people who need quality mental health services are forced to go without. Sadly, this injustice isn’t limited to dystopian fiction. In the real world, many people go without mental health services because of economic inequality. Ready to tell your story? Submit a video to Project UROK by following the instructions here! Have questions? Please contact or  -Project UROK

Zendaya Has Arrived!

Zendaya has arrived in more ways than one as she is photographed strolling through LAX on Friday, looking sporty, casual and cool.
The Disney star was recently immortalized as a Barbie doll by Mattel using her controversial hairstyle from this year’s Oscar ceremony.

Kimye, Rihanna, and Beyonce Grammy Red-Carpet Looks Recreated By Kids

New York City-based photographer Tricia Messeroux of Toddlewood Studios has recreated celebrity red-carpet looks of  the 2015 Grammy celebration using kids. The result is, of course, adorable and also better than the original in some ways. We’ve selected our favorites: 1. Rihanna – As soon as we saw Rihanna in that flouncy oversized tutu from Giambattista, we thought she looked like a five-year-old playing dress-up. Looks like we were right. 2. Beyonce – This little girl’s red-carpet smile and presence seems a bit more natural and real than Beyonce’s robotic pose. 3. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian –  This kiddie recreation of Kimye makes Kanye West’s stone-faced look seem even more childish when he’s mimicked by a five-year-old.

Zoe Saldana Gives Birth to Twins!

Zoe Saldana, one of Blindie’s fave actresses, has given birth to twins. The 36-year-old and her husband Marco Perego, 35, welcomed their bundles of joy a couple of days ago a source tells us.

Ga Ga: Marc Jacobs Afro-tastic Louis Vuitton 2010 Spring Runway Show

Marc Jacobs may have already won us over with his handbags, but he definitely stole our hearts with his Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 runway show featuring a bounty of big bushy Erykah Badu-ish afros.

SPOTTED: Shaun Ross at Persona Magazine Launch Party

Blindie has been obsessed with black albinos ever since we reported on their mistreatment in Africa, so when we spotted Shaun at the Persona magazine launch at The Griffin on Friday we had to ask him a few questions.

Ga Ga: Andre Leon Talley in The September Issue

Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley is of course one of our favorite fashion editors, but his screen time in The September Issue, the docudrama about the making of the 2008 Fall issue, makes us love him even more!

Heroes Star Dania Ramirez Nabs CoverGirl Spokesmodel Deal

Last October, Blindie predicted that Heroes hottie Dania Ramirez was going places–we even went as far as calling her our latest Ga Ga girl…and it seems CoverGirl cosmetics agrees! The worldwide makeup juggernaut announced to People StyleWatch that Ramirez is their latest spokesmodel.

First Black Cover Girl and Supermodel Naomi Sims Dies At 61

Naomi Sims, one of the first black supermodels of the 1960s and 70s, died this weekend from cancer at the age of 61.