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Ga Ga: David LaChapelle’s ‘Rape of Africa’ Photographic Series

The ever-colorful and provocative photographer David LaChapelle debuts his photographic series "The Rape of Africa" at the David DeSanctis Gallery in Los Angeles and makes a bold political statement. LaChapelle reinvents classic Botticelli's 1484 Venus and Mars painting with Naomi Campbell as Venus and allegorical images representing the rape and pillage of Africa's people and land.
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Naomi Campbell Ditches Her Cell Phone for a New Weapon: Her Handbag!

naomi-campbell-handbagpurse Looks like supermodel Naomi Campbell (and her super temper!) has a new weapon! The British beauty has been accused of attacking a photographer (and putting him in the hospital!) while on vacation in Italy with her billionaire beau Mikhail Prokhorov. The photog, Gaetano Di Giovanni, says Campbell scratched and bruised his face after she slapped him and hit him with her handbag. "First she hit with her bag, screaming at me and then she tried to slap me," he detailed to an Italian newspaper, "I managed to avoid her – but her nails still got my eye." "Media reports circulating that Naomi Campbell attacked a photographer in Lipari, Sicily are completely untrue," her rep said. "The photographer was seen following Naomi Campbell on a small boat, taking photographs, the day after the alleged incident."
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Color on the Cover: i-D Pays Tribute to British Models Naomi Campbell & Jourdan Dunn

i-D magazine has just released 12 covers for its special March '09 "Best of British" issue, featuring 12 top British models, including Blindie's faves Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn. Of her newfound fame, Dunn says, “I’ll just take each day as it comes," while Campbell says, "I have always believed that London fashion and British models bring something special, like a break-all-the-rules style. It is a flavour that is different from anywhere else.” Other covers feature greats Kate Moss and Twiggy, and newcomers Agyness Deyn and Lily Donaldson.
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Great Minds Think Alike: Naomi Campbell’s Boyfriend Attacks Photographer

It seems Naomi Campbell's cell phone-slinging, employee-beating ways are rubbing off on her billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin. The Russian real estate mogul "punched a photographer in the gut" last week in Miami, according to New York Post's Page Six. "Out of nowhere [Doronin] hit him twice in the stomach," the gossip column's source says. The couple, who have been together since May, are also reportedly planning a super-secret wedding in Moscow before Christmas. "Naomi asked them to save the date and be prepared to travel to Russia," a source told Sunday Mirror. "She's keeping tight-lipped about exactly what is happening--and sworn everyone to secrecy."
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Naomi Campbell on Photo Retrospective: ‘I am Not Doing This Because I am Over!’

Cell phone-slinging supermodel Naomi Campbell will be opening a photo collection of herself at the Art Photo Expo Miami, running from Dec. 2-7. According to the AP, the show will feature more than 50 photographs and illustrations of the Brit beauty from fashion photographers such as Arthur Elgort, Albert Watson and Steven Meisel. All items will be up for sale. "I am not doing this retrospective because I am over," Campbell, 38, said. "For me, each picture tells a different moment in my career and just for me its a timeline really."
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Naomi Campbell Walks Runway With Chanel Iman At Fashion For Relief

Naomi Campbell walked the runway Wednesday at the National History Museum in London with model-on-the-rise Chanel Iman as part of Fashion For Relief. So far there have been no reports of hair pulling, phones flying or bitchery of any sort. Prancing down the runway together, the two beauties even wore the same dress! Chanel in soft pink and Naomi in black. Estelle also strutted down the runway in a leopard print dress as did Tyson Beckford in full body motorcycle gear, which he then peeled off to reveal his impeccable upper body. Established in 2005, Fashion For Relief aids victims and survivors of Hurricane Katrina and raises money for the White Ribbon Alliance which campaigns for safe pregnancy and childbirth in developing nations.
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Naomi Campbell on Barack Obama: ‘Let’s Paint the White House Black!’

Naomi Campbell, the first black model to grace the covers of British & French Vogue, may be a Brit by nationality--but she's an American for Barack Obama at heart! "I know that I am blessed - but there is always scope for change and improvement," the 38-year-old supermodel told The Times. "Obama is for change, and I really hope he wins - let's paint the White House black.” Campbell, who has had multiple run-ins with the law due to her abrupt anger and infamous cellphone slinging, also said of her somewhat changed ways: “I have learnt - I am learning, I should say, not to be provoked. But if someone insults me, I'm still going to defend myself. I don't take good to racial insults..." Speaking of race, the groundbreaking beauty says of diversity in the modeling world, "My gut instinct is to keep women of colour out there whether I'm still in fashion or not. I'll be very happy when I'm 55 years old to pick up a magazine and see a lovely spread with a black woman. Then I'll know that I didn't work for all these years only to see it go backwards.”
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Fashion Photographer Nick Knight Tackles Racism With Naomi Campbell

Renowned fashion photographer Nick Knight has created an experimental video featuring a machine gun-toting Naomi Campbell, two Rodarte dresses, a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and title cards that silently express his outrage at the fashion industry's systemized racism. Excerpts from the video read:

I am virtually never allowed to photograph black models for the magazines, fashion houses, cosmetic brands, perfume companies and advertising clients I work for. Whenever I ask to use a black model I am given excuses such as “Black models are not aspirational in some markets” or “they do not reflect the brands values,” normally, however, no reason is given. By my own inaction, I am guilty of allowing racism to be normalized and accepted in this business. This has made me deeply sad and increasingly angry. Fashion is often seen as frivolous but this is not a trivial issue. It is my belief that our society must be inclusive and by denying people the right to be seen as beautiful you cause deep cultural resentment, alienation and division.
PHOTO: Nick Knight/
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400,000 More Copies of ‘All-Black’ Italian Vogue Printed To Meet Demand

In case you didn't get your hands on the July issue of the "all-black" Italian Vogue, Conde Nast is rushing out 400,000 more copies of the fashion mag to meet the overwhelming demand. With covers featuring Liya Kebede, Sessilee Lopez, Jourdan Dunn and Naomi Campbell, the extremely well-received black issue shoots down the assumption held within the publishing industry that black faces don't sell magazines. Blindie just hopes Italian Vogue's attempt at showcasing black talent in the fashion world isn't viewed as "a collectors' edition, a one-off, a novelty", as the editor of Let Them Eat Cake magazine Nijide Ugboma warns in an article for The Observer.
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