GIMME FIVE: Things You Should Remember About Bill Cosby (Besides the Drugging and the Raping)

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Before Bill Cosby’s once illustrious career melts away like a pudding pop left out on a hot summer day, and before you go blaming comedian Hannibal Buress for stirring all of this mess up and causing the meltdown, just remember these five things:


1 – Cosby objects to poor black people

Remember when Bill Cosby derided poor black people during a 2004 speech in Washington D.C. to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Brown v. Board of Education? Well, if he hadn’t made all of those highly critical unproductive generalizations about “lower and lower middle economic people” then Buress probably wouldn’t have held him to task for his own past indiscretions. Here are some excerpts from Cosby’s gem of a speech:

“In our own neighborhood, we have men in prison. No longer is a person embarrassed because they’re pregnant without a husband. No longer is a boy considered an embarrassment if he tries to run away from being the father of the unmarried child.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the lower economic and lower middle economic people are [not*] holding their end in this deal. In the neighborhood that most of us grew up in, parenting is not going on.”

“We cannot blame white people. White people — white people don’t live over there.”

“Are you not paying attention? People with their hat on backwards, pants down around the crack. Isn’t that a sign of something, or are you waiting for Jesus to pull his pants up?. Isn’t it a sign of something when she’s got her dress all the way up to the crack…and got all kinds of needles and things going through her body. What part of Africa did this come from? We are not Africans. Those people are not Africans, they don’t know a damned thing about Africa. With names like Shaniqua, Shaligua, Mohammed and all that crap and all of them are in jail.”

Read the transcript, it’s comical in it’s oversimplification of the complex issues affecting Black Americans -issues that are directly linked to generations of institutionalized racism and governmental marginalization.

2 – Cosby is a drop-out

Bill Cosby dropped out of high school and then joined the navy. He later earned a high school equivalency diploma through correspondence courses. Cosby also dropped out of Temple University after a year in order to pursue stand-up comedy. He was awarded only “honorary” degrees thereafter because of his celebrity.

Yup, the man who thinks a lot of black people are not holding up their end of the deal, could not even stick it out in school.

3 – Cosby has admitted to cheating on his wife

Remember Autumn Jackson, his alleged love child? Remember the trial in which he admitted to having an extramarital affair with Jackson’s mother and testified that he paid the mother and his alleged child over $100,000 over the years? Read more here.

Cosby’s womanizing ways are even mentioned in his recent biography “Cosby: His Life and Times,” where author Mark Whitaker talks about how Cosby gave an anecdote about breaking up with his longtime mistress.

4 – Cliff Huxtable is not a real person, nor is he the perfect father you never had

Cliff Huxtable is a fictional character on television and perfect fathers simply don’t exist, so try not to feel so wounded when you find out that Bill Cosby is not a great man, or even a great dad. Just remember he’s a celebrity that surely had to be on the road a great deal of the time and therefore was surely an absent father to his own five children. That could be why one of his daughters told the National Enquirer she had been addicted to drugs and alcohol since age 19 after kicking a $200-a-day cocaine habit. She also told the tabloid she had started drinking and using marijuana at age 14 while in boarding school.

Like Buress said in his routine, ‘Google it,’ or just read it here, and then go back and read his speech criticizing black parents for not parenting properly.

5 – Bill Cosby has joked about slipping mickeys to women in his stand-up routine

In 1969 Bill Cosby joked about wishing he had some “Spanish Fly” every time he sees a girl after hearing about the legendary overpowering, aphrodisiac properties of the mythical drink. But don’t take our word for it, listen to it here. Ironically, the album recording of the routine is called “It’s True! It’s True!”


GIMME FIVE: Reasons To Love “How To Get Away With Murder”

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There are so many reasons to love Shonda Rhimes latest hit drama on television, but these are Blindie’s top five!

1 – Billy Brown – He’s got the body of a boxer and the voice of a Marine! Seriously, he’s the voice from the Marines commercial. Before going downtown on Viola Davis in the first episode of “How To Get Away With Murder,” Mr. Brown starred in the psychotic series “Dexter,” the short-lived “Hostages,” and  “Sons of Anarchy,” among other shows.

Bonus Points: He voices characters in numerous video games – “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,” “Full Spectrum Warrior,” “The Matrix: Path of Neo,” among others.


2 – Alfred Enoch – He’s bi-racial, British and adorable, need we say more? Oh yeah, he’s a Hogwart student, a Gryffindor to be exact, in fact he’s starred in all of the Harry Potter films as Dean Thomas.

"The Making of Harry Potter" Warners Bros. Studio Tour Grand Opening in Leavesden on March 30, 2012

3 – The Straight, White Male as Minority – There are so many ethnic and homosexual, and ethnic, homosexual characters that it puts the two lone, straight, white, main characters in the minority -Asher Millstone and Sam Keating portrayed by Matt McGorry and Tom Verica, respectively. Yes, Blindie is loving that concept a lot.

4 – The Twitter Controversy - People Magazine did some live tweeting during the premiere of How To Get Away With Murder and made a huge misstep. While they were paying homage to one of Viola Davis’ well-received films, they temporarily forgot that she was portraying a maid for a deeply racist employer during segregation time in said film and used her Jim Crow educated character’s grammatically incorrect quote. Yeah, like we all wanted to be reminded that Viola Davis plays a really good segregation-era maid while we are trying to enjoy her portrayal of an educated and powerful attorney.


5 – The Twitter Apology – People Magazine eventually realized the massive faux pas and not only deleted the insensitive tweet bbut also issued an apology.



Jesse Williams On Shooting of Ferguson Teenager Michael Brown

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Jesse Williams talks to CNN about the shooting of 18 year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri on Sunday. Here are a few excerpts from his  on the situation:

“I think we have to talk about the narrative and make sure we’re starting at the beginning. You will find that people doing the oppressing often want to start the narrative at a convenient point,” Williams said. “This started with a kid getting shot and killed and left in the street for four hours. I’ve never seen a white body left in the heat for four hours in the sweltering heat.

“I know plenty of white kids that steal stuff from convenience stores,” Williams continued in response to allegations that Brown stole cigars moments before his murder by law enforcement. “There is this idea that every time a black person does something they automatically become a thug worthy of their own death.”

“The rest of us are not treated like human beings. Period,” the actor said. “That needs to be discussed. That is the story.”

GIMME FIVE: Reasons We Already Love “Cabin In The Woods”

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Ok so, the thriller “Cabin in the Woods” hasn’t been released yet, and we weren’t even the lucky ones that saw it at South by Southwest, but we just know that we’re gonna love it. Here are our top 5 reasons:

1. Blue-eyed beauty Jesse Williams! We went ga ga for him in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2″ and stalked him at the NYC launch of Lucky Strike. He can lure us into a cabin in the woods, anytime.








2. Sexy Brian White : We’ve followed him since his early days on the “Moesha” show to his most recent series “Men of a Certain Age.” Let’s just hope they don’t kill him off early in the film.







3. Aussie stud Chris Hemsworth : Who doesn’t love Thor…in the woods?







4. Screenwriter Joss Whedon : He also wrote “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.” Need we say more?







5. Wired magazine describes the film as an R-rated metanarrative comedy about the science of horror movies. A little geeky sounding, but intriguing.

“Cabin” opens in theaters on April 13.

Magic Johnson’s “Announcement’

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It’s been over 20 years since Magic Johnson announced to the world that he was HIV positive and changed the face of AIDS. “Because of the HIV virus I have attained,” he said. “I will have to retire from the Lakers.” But he didn’t retire from life, as he became a successful businessman, a television host, an advocate and a grandfather.

Magic and his wife Cookie talk about how difficult that day was and the events that led up to it in the documentary “The Announcement”, directed by Nelson George.

“It’s not so much what people said about him, it’s how he felt and what people did to him,” George said. “Be it people dis-inviting him to their restaurant or dealing with how [the drug] AZT affected his body. It’s an inside-out view as opposed to the things you might have heard discussed on talk radio.”

The Announcement airs on ESPN tonight at 9pm.


WATCH THIS: Compton Cowboys

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Blindie loves this article and video about the Compton Junior Posse, an equestrian program designed to keep kids off the street.

As featured on Good‘s website:

Compton, a city on the south side of Los Angeles, is a notoriously difficult place to grow up. As birthplace to many of the gangs that put “gangsta” in “gangsta rap,” the city has for decades been plagued by violence, drugs, and other crimes that make life hard for everyone—particularly young people, who are recruited and pressured to join in on all the illicit activity. In response to the allure of gangs, a number of organizations both big and small have popped up to try and keep children off the streets and out of gangs. But there’s only one doing it on horseback.

Founded in the late 1980s on a small plot of land called Richland Farms, the Compton Junior Posse is a program that, in its own words, “keeps kids on horses and off the streets.” The posse teaches equestrian skills to children of all ages in an effort to help them avoid the pitfalls of youth. In the process, it’s kept a lot of kids out of trouble and caused a lot of Angelenos to do double-takes—it’s not every day you see a cowboy riding around the streets of L.A.

Meet the Compton Junior Posse in their mini-doc above!





DID YOU KNOW?: Black Teens Have Lower Rate of Drug Use Compared to Whites

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A study found that Black and Asian teens have the lowest rate of drug use, so why are black teens arrested for drugs nearly three times more than whites? Could it be that black teens are portrayed as drug-addled hoodlums in the media?

Here is an article Good published on the matter:

A study published today in the Archives of General Psychiatrysays that black and Asian teens are less likely to use drugs and alcohol than white people their age. In a survey of more than 72,000 young people conducted by Dan Blazer, a psychiatry professor at Duke Medical Center, 39 percent of white teens and 37 percent of Latinos reported having abused substances in the past year, compared to 32 percent of blacks and 24 percent of Asians. When it came to drugs alone, 20 percent of whites, 19 percent of blacks, and 12 percent of Asians reported using.

Blazer called the relatively low rate of substance abuse among black juveniles “surprising”: “The public perception is that that’s not the case,” he said. Also surprised should be American police, who continue to arrest black kids for drug use at far greater rates than whites. Consider this chart from the federal Office of Juvenile Justice:


In the 1990s, the juvenile black drug arrest rate was nearly three times that of whites, and in 2008 it remained almost double. The fact is that cops bust blacks kids markedly more for a crime they commit slightly less often. This is especially unfair because petty drug offenses are how thousands of black kids per year end up in the U.S. justice system. Their criminal records then haunt many of them for the rest of their lives, ruining their employment and educational opportunities and all but forcing them to turn to more crime to stay afloat.

We’ve argued before that America’s nonsensical drug laws leave a lot to be desired when compared with those of other Western nations. But when police don’t enforce those laws evenhandedly, they go from being just nonsense to racist as well.